Jujutsu Chronicles: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide!

Jujutsu Chronicles inspired by Jujutsu Kaisen is a Roblox game that lets you join in the world of famous anime series. We are going to go over all the important details in this Jujutsu Chronicles: Complete Beginner’s Guide because there are a ton of things you can do in the game!

Complete Beginner’s Guide

Every player needs to get familiar with the basics of a game when they first start a game. In this guide, we will provide everything you need to know. Let’s get right to it!

Check out the table of contents below if you are looking for a specific section.

Important NPCs

The first thing you should know in the game is the important NPCs that you will need to interact with along your journey.

You can find each of these NPCs around the Running Track. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide
  • Clan Negotiator: This NPC allows you to spin and change your clan.
Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide
  • Clan Trait Analyst: By talking to this NPC, you can spin the special traits of your clan. It will not work if your clan does not have any special traits.
Character traits analyst
  • Character Trait Scientist: You can change your character trait with this NPC. However, you are going to need to pay Robux to be able to do it.
Character traits scientist
  • Flash Trainer: This NPC can start your black flash training by letting you train your cursed energy. You can acquire the black flash passive and ability after that.

NOTE: If you get stuck while training, you can use auto-click or OSU!

Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide
  • Energy Modifier: This NPC changes your cursed energy color. However, this one requires you to pay Robux as well.
Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide


Now that you know which NPCs can help you for what, it is time to take a look at the Masteries you are going to get in the game.

The maximum level of all masteries is 150. They level up every aspect of your combat skills and are earned by repeatedly engaging in specific activities.


Combat Mastery

Boosts the damage you do with M1 and M2/Grab. You can increase your Combat Mastery by hitting dummies or other players using your M1 and M2.

This mastery gives you +0.1 damage towards M1 damage and M2/Grabs each time you level it up. The damage will increase by +0.2 every three mastery levels.

Combat Mastery

Stamina Mastery

You can increase the maximum amount of stamina you can have by upgrading this mastery. To be able to upgrade the Stamina Mastery, you should use the dash ability or complete the stamina training quest.

You get +2 stamina with each level, up to the maximum bar.

Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide

Endurance Mastery

Raises the maximum amount of health you have. Can be enhanced by pressing T. By doing that, your character will start doing crunches. Repeat it until you level up.

You acquire +2 HP toward your maximum health each time you level up.

endurace mastery

Cursed Energy Mastery

It increases your maximum amount of cursed energy. By pressing E and holding it active, you can gradually earn experience points for mastering energy.

You add +5 cursed energy to your cursed energy bar for each level up in energy mastery. Reaching level 30 in Cursed Energy Mastery will grant you access to the Reverse Cursed Technique. It is an ability that restores a percentage of your health.

cursed energy master

Cursed Technique Mastery

It gives you access to additional movements, increases the damage of cursed techniques, and has the ability to alter the appearance and functionality of certain of your moves.

You can level up this mastery by simply using your cursed techniques.

cursed technique mastery

Cursed Techniques

As we mentioned before, in order to obtain a Cursed Technique, you will need to talk with the Curse Surgeon and spin a technique for yourself.

To be able to use your cursed technique, you must first equip your moves by selecting them in the view skill menu. Then, bind them to a key by pressing on the skill and then the key you wish to bind them to.

After completing this, you must press the key that you bound the cursed energy to in order to activate the moves.

There are 15 Cursed Techniques you can get in the game right now. Let’s take a closer look at them!

Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide

Infinity Technique

It lets the user manipulate space to their own will and brings the idea of infinity into the actual world. This technique’s moves are:

  • Reversal Red: You charge up a ball of red repulsion that quickly flips and explodes, creating an AOE explosion that rushes forward and knocks away all opponents in its path.
  • Lapse Blue: Anything caught in the explosion when it strikes a person or object will be drawn in and stunned; it is like a missile of attraction.
  • Hollow Purple: Your palm releases a purple light, and then you launch a purple AOE blast that destroys everything in its path.
  • Infinity Warp: It lets you teleport to any place where you aim your mouse.
  • Counter Red: If someone tries to attack you while you have your hand raised, you will knock them away with a red reversal that lands directly in their face. It only works with M1 Attacks.
Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide

Curse Manipulation Technique

The capacity to fully transform afflicted spirits into your minions by absorbing them. This technique’s moves are:

  • Spirit Shots: You quickly launch a swarm of squid-like curses.
  • Uzumaki: You can make a ball of mass that is launched toward your mouse like a beam by mixing numerous curses together.
Curse Manipulation Technique

Mimicry Technique

This is a highly rare and uncommon skill that lets you mimic the cursed techniques of other players. This technique’s move is:

  • Cursed Speech: You take a megaphone from behind your back and yell into it, instructing your opponents to fly away and knocking them down.
Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide

Heavenly Restriction Technique

A binding pledge that leads the person to lose all cursed energy at birth in exchange for a steel body with enhanced senses.

It even allows you to see curses without the use of special equipment. The moveset of this technique is:

  • Flash Step (Replaces Dashes): You move at a high speed that makes you look like you are teleporting.
  • Heavenly Restriction M1’s (Replaces normal M1’s): Let you create a chain of infinite miles that ends with an upward slash.
  • Crazy Cutting: You wave your hand around, the inverted spear in your hand, causing a hail of cuts all around you.
  • Berserk Combo: With the inverted spear of heaven, you attack your opponent in the neck several times.
  • Thousands Chain: Your curse releases an endless chain that swings about and strikes anyone who stands in your way.
Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide

Ten Shadows Technique

A method that lets the user call forth ten shikigami by making hand gestures that cause them to emerge from the shadows. The move of this technique is:

  • Nue: You can summon the shikigami Nue behind you by making a hand gesture. It will then fly forward and strike any opponents with an electrical blow.
Ten Shadows Technique

Plant Technique

The ability to use your cursed energy to create plants, such as trees and flowers. The moves are:

  • Roots: When you raise your hand, three enormous roots emerge from the earth, shoot toward the mouse, and then slam into the ground, eliminating any enemy.
  • Uproots: When you raise your hand, a white area appears and begins to develop, followed by a massive wooden structure made of spikes that appear out of the earth and harm anybody in its path.
  • Wood Ball: A wooden ball that you toss ahead erupts into several roots that shoot forward and strike opponents in its path.
  • Cursed Buds: You join your hands and fire many red missiles at your opponents, hitting them and attaching a plant to their chest that slowly damages you. When cursed energy is used, it deals more damage.
Plant Technique

Ratio Technique

When you strike an object or an opponent in ratio, your attacks deal more damage than usual and can even go past a person’s defenses. The moves are:

  • Passive: There is a chance that for every hit you land, you will hit that attack at the ratio and cause extra damage to that attack.
  • Precise Lunge: You charge forward, punching right through your opponent at a 7:3 ratio.
Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide

Idle Transfiguration Technique

This enhanced technique enables you to manipulate your soul and alter both your own and other people’s physical forms in different ways. The moves are:

  • Idle Cannon: By manipulating your spirit, you modify your body and enlarge your hand, forming a gigantic fist with which you punch forward, punching anything within its range.
  • Idle Wing Assault: You use your soul transfiguration to convert your arms into wings. Then, you launch yourself into the air, using your feathers as projectiles to hit your opponents.
Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide

Blood Technique

This is the power to manipulate blood with your cursed energy, allowing you to make tools and items such as blades or long projectiles out of it. The moves are:

  • Blood Edge: You clench your hands and use the blood to make a blade.
  • Blood Stream:  You create a disc of blood and toss it forward. When it hits an opponent, it explodes and stuns them.
  • Blood Tangle: It lets you throw a bag of blood, and it explodes and shoots streams of blood to nearby opponents.
  • Slicing Blood Bomb: As you jump into the air, you make a cross out of blood by flinging your hands. Then, the cross explodes when it lands on the land.
Blood Technique

Cursed Gun Technique

It gives you the ability to create objects using your cursed energy. This technique’s moveset is:

  • Cursed Bullet: A short burst from your pistol that’s charged with cursed energy.
  • RapidFire: You pull out two guns and rapidly fire bullets.
  • Buckshot: A strong shot from your revolver that goes farther than the average shot.
  • Spinning Shot: You use two revolvers and spin around shooting in multiple directions.
Cursed Gun Technique

Cursed Speech Technique

This power lets you use words to launch attacks, such as stopping people in their tracks or making them explode.

  • Go Away: Basically, shouting towards your opponent and making them launch away from you.
  • Plummet: You tell your opponent to plunge, using your cursed speech skill, which causes them to slam into the ground and knock them away from you.
  • Don’t Move: You yell at your opponent to stay still, and for a brief moment, they will freeze in place.
  • Twist: Makes one of their limbs contort and twist until it breaks.
Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide

Straw Doll Technique

You can attack opponents by blasting nails and attacking a person at a distance by employing a straw doll as a substitute for their body by using nails and straw dolls.

  • Nail Strike: You swiftly take out a nail and pound it with your hammer, sending it hurtling in the direction of your opponents. It harms everyone nearby and unleashes an AOE explosion when it strikes an opponent.
  • Black Flash Nail: Stronger version of Nail Strike.
Straw Doll Technique

Disaster Flames Technique

It is a strong pyrokinesis that allows the player to create flames. Moveset is:

  • Volcano: The user creates multiple volcanoes from the ground.
  • Disaster Beam: Creates a beam of fire that turns purple and knocks out the opponent.
  • Disaster Flame Cast: Small quick burst of fire that deals low damage.
  • Flame Insects: Multiple wasps that explode when they reach the enemies.
  • Maximum Meteor: Massive burning rock that slams into the ground.
Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide

Guitar Technique

Now, this technique lets you transform the sounds of a guitar into powerful energy waves. The moves are:

  • Guitar Stream: Using your guitar, you create a stream of cures energy.
  • Guitar Slam: You crash your guitar into the ground, causing a shockwave of cursed energy to knock away any opponents nearby.
  • Raging Tune: Produces a minor AOE explosion by shooting a cloud of electricity down to the ground.
Guitar Technique

Clap Technique

A feature that lets the user clap his hands together to switch the positions of two objects, people, or other objects.

  • Clap Replacement: You clap your hands together and switch places with the person your cursor is pointing at.
  • Boogie Woogie: With clap, you teleport to the location of your mouse pointer.
  • Suplex: You grab your opponent and toss them to the ground.
Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide

PvP System

We advise you to maximize each mastery in order to succeed in PvP in the game. It will be pretty difficult for you to win against other players unless you maximize your stats first.

Other than maximizing your stats, having the Sukuna Vessel will also help you a lot. You can also use Infinity, Heavenly Restrictions, or Ratio as your go-to cursed technique.

PvP System

Cursed Tools

Currently, there is only one cursed tool that you can get without paying Robux or using codes in the game. That is the Yuta Ring.

The Yuta Ring has only a 1% chance to spawn on servers between 8:00 and 8:30 AM/PM UTC on Monday and Sunday.

Once this ring appears on your server, you will get a notification that says, “A mysterious ring has appeared.

After seeing this notification, you should wander around the map and try to find it. You can check out the nearby areas of trees.

However, the location of it is random, and it can be found anywhere on the map.

Cursed Tools


You can spin your clan by interacting with the Clan Negotiator. Different clans give you different buffs.

  • Curse Boost: Increases the damage of the compatible Cursed Technique.
  • Strength boost: Boosts the damage of your M1s and Grabs.
  • Defense Boost: Increases the amount of health you have.
  • Energy Boost: Increases the maximum amount for your cursed energy bar.
  • Stamina Boost: Increases the maximum amount of the stamina bar.
  • Speed Boost: Increases your movement speed.
  • Black Flash Boost: Increases the damage you gain from black flash.
Jujutsu Chronicles Complete Beginner's Guide


There is currently just one vessel in the game, which is Sukuna, and it can be obtained by eating Sukuna finger, which has a 1% chance of giving you the vessel.

Sukuna fingers can be found on the map in nearby areas of rocks, trees, plants, and buildings.

Once you acquire a Vessel, it will function precisely like a cursed technique in that you must link your moves to a key bind.

However, unlike cursed techniques, you must use a vessel switch in order to access the moves of the Vessel.

Jujutsu Chronicles Vessels

Grading System

The Grading System has not yet been fully integrated into the game. So, it is possible for it to get updates in the future. However, you can get a grade by talking to the Jujutsu Sorcerer right now.

After talking with this NPC, you will get a grade. Then, all you need to do is reset your character, and your grade will be 4.

You can check out your grade by looking at your student ID, but you cannot do anything to upgrade it right now.

Grading System

M1 Combo

It will be beneficial for you to learn a basic M1 Combo as a beginner in Jujutsu Chronicles. In order to perform it, all you need to do is stand in front of your opponent, press 1, 2, 3, 4, and hold space after that.

If you have your cursed energy activated, you will deal even more damage while using this combo.

This is it for our Jujutsu Chronicles: Complete Beginner’s Guide. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any further questions.

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