Jujutsu Chronicles: Codes November 2023

Don’t forget to claim them in time!

Jujutsu Chronicles: Codes November 2023
Jujutsu Chronicles: Codes November 2023

These November codes for Jujutsu Chronicles are great for you who really want to change your clan. And they’re more than just that as well. If you haven’t been claiming them, you’re definitely missing out on some free rewards. Keep reading for codes that have been made available so far.

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Working Codes for November 2023

These Jujutsu Chronicles codes are still working as of November 2023. More will definitely be added in the future as the game keeps reaching new milestones and on special occasions. Make sure to input this at the code page:

  • Rework2
  • Pact400
  • Likes9K
  • Likes12K
  • Likes16k
  • Likes14K
  • Visits3M
  • Visits4M
  • Visits6M
  • Visits5M
  • Repay
  • BoostFix
  • Favs30K
  • Khronos
  • OneYear

All of these comes with Clan Spins and Curse Spins. If you don’t know what’s the deal switching clans, here’s a Clans Tier list guide for the best clans to get in the game.

Some of them also provide pity boost for your rolls. Make sure not to wait too long before claiming them because they’re not forever here. And that’s all the November codes you can claim in the Roblox game Jujutsu Chronicles!

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