Jujutsu Shenanigans: Complete Guide to Using Toad

Summon the wrath of the frog to terrorize the enemy!

Some fighting games don’t have to be so serious. Take part in battles where the excitement is high, but the stakes are low in Jujustsu Shenanigans. One of the units you can use is Megumi, but players have been reporting difficulty using his Toad move. To simplify things, here’s a complete guide on using Toad in Jujustsu Shenanigans. 

How To Use Toad

So, you’re trying to use Megumi’s Toad move in neutral, but it keeps getting blocked, or even when you try to go for a combo, the moves just don’t land. If you’re facing either of these situations, I’ll review both scenarios, but the gist is that you want to wait for your opponent to burn through certain moves before you attempt to use Toad.

These flying frogs pack a mean punch if you can spawn them!

Using Toad In Combos

For M1 combos, you want to wait for your opponent to use their ragdoll cancel before you try using Toad. Once they’ve wasted it, do an uppercut or a down slam and then go into the Toad move immediately after.

This is because uppercuts and down slams have more ragdoll stun. This gives you the chance to do more M1s for even more damage.

For a way to do this without M1s, use Nue and then Toad to get a ragdoll that guarantees to follow up Toad and the M1s you’ll get after it. Just make sure that they use ragdoll cancel before this so your opponent doesn’t get the chance to get up.

Additionally, you can lead into Nue with Rabbit Escape to ensure an unavoidable combo.

A frog attacking the opponent.

Using Toad In Neutral

If you’re going for Toad in Neutral, it’s important to understand how the move works first. It’s a slow move, so it’s hard to get an opponent with it from neutral. Moreover, there are a lot of indicators that the opponent can use beforehand like the wind-up animation and the purple blocking prompt that tells your opponent to block or avoid Toad.

This means that there’s just no way for you to get anyone even remotely average at Jujutsu Shenanigans with this move. If you want to go at this from neutral, then the only way is to use it as the longest windup counter in the entire game. 

Once the frog is on the field, there’s nothing your opponent can do to stop it. So if you get it on the field, the opponent won’t be able to rush you because the frog forces them to back off.

A gameplay still of Jujutsu Shenanigans.

Tips and Tricks

  • Toad has an extremely long windup time, so it’s generally a move that people avoid using in fights. Keep this in mind during fast-paced combat.
  • Make sure you have enough time and distance before starting this move.
  • The above tips and tricks apply to standard 1V1, but you can land this move generally all the time in public servers.

And that’s it! This complete guide on how to use Toad should give you a good starting point on how to execute this move. If you’re looking for more Jujutsu Shenanigan guides, check out our guide on How To Wall Run to maximize your mobility in the game.


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