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New gacha system and enemies!

King Legacy: Everything We Know About Update 5 | Roblox Featured Image

It has been an exciting month for King Legacy fans because Update 5 is soon upon us now. Since their 4.8 Halloween event update, the developers have been zealously sharing sneak peeks and previews of what to expect for Update 5.

They’ve also skipped Christmas events and have been “pushing” for Update 5 to be in time. We’re going to talk about all the confirmed changes to come soon.

And speaking of changes, we’ve got the latest Blox Fruit tier list for the best fruits in Update 21. Check it out to see what has changed in the newest update!

Everything We Know About Update 5

The developers have been working on Update 5 for a while now with the team deciding to skip Christmas to stay on track. After Halloween, sneak peeks have been regularly shared to the community to keep fans updated.

A good portion of them have been teasing possible new enemies you can meet while sailing the seven seas and fruits or weapons. Below is a mysterious cutscene of one of the tentacles jutting out from the sea amidst the rocks.

Anyways, here’s the rundown of the things we know is coming:

  • New gacha system: using keys of 3 different grades–Gold, Iron, and Copper–allow you to get fruits of different grades. Gold Key being the highest grade will have a higher chance of getting you a Legendary fruit, for example.

You can also mass purchase Copper Keys with cash instead of gems. So, there’s a lot of use to your Belis now, albeit the keys are not unlimited it seems.

King Legacy new Fruit Gacha
  • New gacha key trading system: Players can now trade their excess fruits for more keys at the NPC you can find in Starter Island called Legacy Fruit Trader. 
King Legacy buy keys for fruits
  • New Kraken-like enemy. Several VFXs and teaser clips including this obvious screenshot of a giant monster with tentacles seems to be telling us about a new sea boss.
King Legacy new Kraken boss
  • New ride and presents?! While the Christmas event never happened, we got pictures of presents in the game, so what could these be?
King Legacy Update 5 teaser
  • New fruits/skills/weapons. There are also screenshots of PVP with never before seen skills and effects, obviously WIP when shared as they were conducted in testing.
King Legacy Update 5 equipment

We’re sure that there’s way more packed inside Update 5 since the team has also shared some mysterious VFX effects. But these are everything that’s been shared about Update 5 for King Legacy so far and we can’t wait to see what the devs have as surprises!

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