UR+ Neji Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

Is he good? Let’s find out!

UR+ Neji Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

Getting a new ability or unit in any game can be exciting since you’ll want to see what they can offer sometimes though you don’t have time to experiment and would want to know if it’s worth even trying to do it.

In Anime World Tower Defense, there are a lot of units that you can get. Any normal player won’t have the time to test all of them. So, if you’re one of those players who have recently gotten a Neji unit, then continue reading!

In this guide, we’ll show you what this unit offers and if it’s worth spending your precious resources on it. Now, let’s see what this tower can do for us!

UR+ Neji Guide

One of the newest units in the game is the UR+ unit Prodigy Eyes. For those who don’t know, it’s a character based on Neji from the anime Naruto. Just like in the show though, he’s not that great for late game.

SIDE NOTE: If you want a unit that is in the same anime but stronger, then go check out our detailed guide for Obito for more information!

The unit has the Precision passive buff that gives him a guaranteed hit to enemies. This is great for hidden enemies in some stages which makes the whole passive niche.

Anime World Tower Defense UR Prodigy Eyes

You can place a maximum of 4 with this unit and at the start it’ll have a Circle AOE. At Upgrade 3, the attack will change to a Line AOE. Finally, at Upgrade 6, it’ll turn back to a Circle AOE but bigger. Its Leader Skills is to increase the attack of units under the “Mystic Force Eyes” category.

The unit’s attack stat is not that great, and its range is slightly below average. Even maxed out with Evolution and buffs from other units, it only reaches around 600,000+ damage.

Anime World Tower Defense Prodigy Eyes Attack

Overall, the unit has low damage compared to other units and its passive is very niche. The leader skill buff isn’t that great as well since there are better units that give the same. Just like in the anime, he wouldn’t last long in your team.

That’s the overview of the UR+ unit Neji or Prodigy Eyes in Anime World Tower Defense. Now ,go out there and try to get this unit yourself! Make sure to check the other units for a better choice like our detailed guide on the LR Sarutobi!


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