King Legacy: How To Awaken New Love Fruit – Update 5

The painful F2P route or the rich people route?

King Legacy: How To Awaken New Love Fruit - Update 5

It is here, the Love Fruit is finally here in King Legacy with Update 5 along with its awakening mode. With the power love, we shall conquer the brutal sea and wildlands. And this guide shall be all about how to awaken your Love Fruit which is actually pretty simple!

How To Awaken The Love Fruit

The Love Fruit in King Legacy may just be the only uncommon fruit to have an awakening method. And it’s not cheap, literally.

To awaken the Love Fruit, you need at least 8 more Love Fruits dupe and 40 Sea Artifacts. If you have all of these items, you can immediately head to the Awake Master on Viridan’s Island and place them on this box next to the NPC.

Equip the dupe Love Fruit and place them there. Every interaction cost a single Love Fruit and 5 Sea Artifacts. Once you’re done, speak to the Awake Master to unlock your new Love Fruit awakening.

Awake Master for Love Fruit Awakening King Legacy

If you haven’t had any of them, you can pretty much guess where to get more Love Fruits–more chests! Now that the gacha system has been revamped with the new keys, you can open chests with Belis. It’s definitely going to cost a lot depending on your luck.

For more details about the new key system, you can check out this guide on how to get some of the keys (Platinum, Gold, & more)!

For the Sea Artifacts, you can find them dropped by the Deep Divers (Level 4000). These are the mobs you can also find in Viridan’s Island with an average drop rate similar to materials from other mobs.

After you unlock the awakening, now you can unlock the new skills. Every skill cost gems as you can see above for a total of 1,098 gems for all 4 skills.

And that’s how you can do the awakening for Love Fruit in Update 5 of King Legacy. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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