King Legacy: How To Get Bloodmoon Twin Swords Guide

Newest and coolest weapon!

King Legacy is a One Piece-inspired Roblox game. You can obtain many powerful weapons to increase your power in the game. What is better is that more weapons are added to the game with each release. One of the newest and most powerful weapons is the Bloodmoon Twin Swords. This legendary weapon boasts outstanding animation, a fantastic moveset, and unmatched damage indications. In this guide, we are going to show you how to get the Bloodmoon Twin Swords in King Legacy so you can get it as soon as possible!

How To Get Bloodmoon Twin Swords

Blood Moon Twin, or BMT for short, is a sword gained in the Third Sea. You can get it by completing a task that requires the Ethereal Sword. You need to get the Ethereal Sword by beating Bushido Ape; however, it is presently unknown how much of a chance there is for it to drop the sword, but our best estimate is 1%.

Because of the low drop rate, obtaining this sword is challenging. Along with the Dark Blade and Authentic Triple Katana, this sword is regarded by many as the greatest in the game because it boasts the maximum damage of any sword and works well as a Kenbunshoku Haki breaker. The damage is dependent on your accessories.

Bloodmoon Twin Swords in King Legacy.

Important Things to Know Before You Begin

There are a couple of important things you need to know before starting to look for the Bloodmoon Twin Swords.

  • If you do not have both Hellsword and Ethereal, you will not be allowed to begin the mission.
  • Return to the Ghost to keep tabs on how many gorillas you have killed. Bloodmoon time.
  • In Bloodmoon, you can switch servers if you run out of time.
  • Torches can be lit in any sequence. Just be sure to use either Hellsword or Ethereal to ignite it all.
  • You cannot trade Bloodmoon Twins.
  • The only assistance you will receive while eliminating the boss is when they heal you.

Chapter One

You must be level 4000 or higher to get the Blood Moon Twins. After beating the Bushido Ape until it drops the Ethereal Sword, you need to go to Castle Two and talk to Yamamoto to start Chapter 1.

Need help with finding locations? Take a look at our Map & All Locations Guide!

Talking to Yamamoto for chapter one in King Legacy.

After talking with Yamamoto, follow the hallway to the left and engage with the Warrior Statue. When the conversation ends, choose Chapter 2 and go back to Yamamoto. After speaking with him, move on to the next phase.

Warrior Statue in King Legacy.

Torch Challenge

Visit the Dockyard and speak with the Medium NPC, who will ask, “Do you want to learn the power to communicate with spirits?

If you say “yes,” you are going to proceed to the next step. The dialogue will end, and a 5-minute timer will start. During this period, you must ignite ten torches throughout the island, including the castle’s passageways.

Torch Challenge in King Legacy.

However, simply engaging with torches will not allow you to set them on fire. This is when the Ethereal Sword will be useful.

Make sure to investigate the island before engaging in conversation with the NPC, as it is not easy to locate every torch in 5 minutes on your first attempt.

Ethereal Sword in King Legacy.

Torch Locations

To complete this challenge, you do not need to light the torches in order. However, knowing their locations can help you finish the objective quicker. Let’s see where each torch is located.

The first torch is going to be at the entrance; just turn right, and you are going to see it on the column there.

The second torch is near the right side of the big building, as you will see when you take a look at your left after lighting the first torch.

To find the third torch, climb on top of that building and go towards the mountain with a huge skull on it. You will find the torch on one of the bone-looking columns.

In order to find the fourth and fifth torches, go to the back of the third torch, turn left, and jump down. You will see one on the left and the other on the right side of the tree.

To find the sixth torch, turn back, and you are going to see a building similar to the one you saw at the beginning. The torch will be on the right side.

Get on top of that building, and you are going to find the seventh torch at the back.

Then climb once more, and find the eighth torch on the chimney there.

Luckily, the ninth torch is close to this area as well. Just jump down and get inside the building, the torch is located on top of the entrance door.

Then, for the last torch, just go inside the building, and you can find it behind the statue.

100 Gorillas

Once every torch has been lit, go back to Medium and follow his instructions to locate the Warrior Spirit. Finding this NPC is not going to be tough because he only spawns in the graveyard in the castle’s backyard.

Nevertheless, you have to wait until Bloodmoon since it’s the only time when the boundary between the realms of the living and the dead gets thinner.

Warrior Spirit in King Legacy.

The Warrior Spirit will become visible when the moon turns crimson. He will assign you the duty of defeating 100 gorillas when you talk to him.

Though it is unlikely that you will have enough time to kill the necessary amount of these monsters before Bloodmoon ends, they will start to spawn as soon as the dialogue ends. This means that in order to find the server where Bloodmoon is still lighting up the sky, you will either need to wait or switch servers.

Beating 100 gorillas in King Legacy.

Upon completion, you will need to speak with the Medium once more. This time, you must use the Hell Sword—which you can get from the Samurai King at Second Sea—to light the torches in the same order.

Once you are finished, you have to use the time you have left to slay a boss. Finally, pay $22.5M to purchase the Bloodmoon Twin Swords from Medium.

Getting the Bloodmon Twins in King Legacy.

Bloodmoon Twin Swords Stats

The Bloodmoon Twin is the second mythical blade in the game. This weapon has a base damage of about 2,500. It deals 5% more damage when used during a Bloodmoon. Furthermore, this weapon possesses two very rare abilities:

  • Scarlet Slicer (Z Move): Dealing roughly 20,600 damage, this ranged attack targets five times with bleeding blade blasts.
  • Crimson Crescent (X Move): You charge into the opponent with this fast-moving move, cutting them and landing multiple blows thereafter. This strike deals roughly 17,000 damage, but it takes a lot of skill to aim and hit the target, so it demands a lot of practice.

This is exactly how you are going to get the Bloodmoon Twin Swords in King Legacy! We hope that this guide helped you. If you have any further questions, make sure to leave a comment below. Up next, why not check our guide on getting Passives in King Legacy Update 6?


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