Factory Town: How To Get Wood

Get to chopping wood!

Expanding your town to Factory Town can take hours of challenging work. Resources like wood are extremely important, especially at the beginning of the game. But how do you get wood exactly? This guide will show you how to get wood in Factory Town. 

How to Get Wood

Wood is one of the necessary resources in Factory Town. It is a type of basic resource that you can get on your base. To get wood, you need to hire a worker first. 

After hiring a worker, you need to left-click on the worker to select them. Afterward, right-click on a tree around your base to target it. Your worker will then chop wood and bring it to the closest building in the area. 

Uses of Wood

Wood is an essential resource in Factory Town. You can only gather this resource by manually chopping the trees surrounding your base. Wood is the required material to build a house, which is a building in Factory Town. 

Houses can increase the population capacity of your town. This building will also consume items but will give you coins. You will need 15 Wood to build a house.

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