King Legacy: How To Summon Kraken in Update 5

All the steps to summon the Kraken!

King Legacy: How To Summon Kraken in Update 5

King Legacy finally receives the long-awaited Update 5, and we can now summon the Kraken! It’s possibly one of the many good things that came to the game. This guide will be all about summoning the new boss and all the prerequisites to do so. Without further ado, let’s go!

How To Summon Kraken in Update 5

The Kraken is a necessary boss to kill to get to the Third Sea, which is the main addition to the game. So, here are the steps you need to do to be able to summon the Kraken:

  • Craft the Heart of Sea at the NPC Jack Stones on Fiore Island (2nd Sea) using 50 Logs, 50 Fresh Fish, 10 Pile of Bones, 1 Sea King’s Blood (Second Sea’s Sea King and Hydra Chests), 15 Angelic’s Feather, and 10 Undead’s Ooze.
    • Break any trees for the Logs.
    • Kill Shark Island NPCs (Level 180-250) for the Fresh Fish.
    • Kill Skull Island NPCs/Ghost Ship (Level 3025-3100) for the Pile of Bones.
    • Kill the Sea King or Hydra Chests at the 2nd Sea for the Sea King’s Blood.
    • Kill Skypiea NPCs (Level 800-1000) for the Angelic’s Feather.
    • Kill Zombie Island NPCs (Level 1500-1700) for the Undead’s Ooze.
  • NPC Jack Stones is located beyond a secret trapdoor heading towards the attic in the left side of the mansion lobby.
Trapdoor in Fiore Mansion to NPC Jackstones
Trapdoor in Fiore Mansion

Heart of Sea King Legacy to summon Kraken.
Heart of Sea crafting materials
  • With the Heart of Sea at hand, make your way to the Third Sea.
  • Speak to the Squid NPC located at Virandas Docks who’ll then give you the mission to kill the Kraken Tentacle. Once you do, start sprinting straight towards the Mystery Altar located directly behind The Squid NPC.
  • The Kraken requires the Heart of the Sea to be used at the altar. Make sure to kill the Kraken within 6 minutes. If you fail, you’ll need to craft another Heart of Sea to summon it.
  • Return to the Squid NPC at the Virandas Docks to initiate the final cutscene.
King Legacy Virandas Docks to summon Kraken
Mystery Altar

And that’s how you can summon the Kraken in King Legacy after Update 5. Good luck! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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