Last Epoch: Monolith Beginner Guide | Patch 0.9

Navigate the end of time.

If you have reached the end-game of Last Epoch then there’s a chance that you’ve already found the Monolith of Fate. A whole new adventure awaits as you disrupt the flow of time for fat loot! That is if you’ve already finished the main campaign. Be warned, the enemies you will face will most likely have double the level you have so best be prepared before making any more moves.

Monolith Beginner Guide – Last Epoch Patch 0.9

You’ll see the different Timelines as you move further in, but you’re only able to access one timeline on your first visit, what you can do to access more is to finish the quest echoes and kill the boss that’s tied to that specific timeline.

Each Monolith Echo has a map and a set of rewards waiting at the end. You can see these rewards under ‘Echo Information’ just above the ‘Start’ button.

The objectives are randomly generated and can be any of the following:

  • Kill at least one type of enemy around the map
  • Seal a time gate by interacting with it and getting rid of any enemies that spawn in
  • Kill the boss tied to that Echo

The only objective that’s different from the rest is arena maps. This will require you to go through 12-17 waves of enemies to complete the objective.

Completing these echoes will improve the stability of the timeline you’re currently at.

Get enough stability and you will fight the boss for that specific timeline along with unlocking other quests as you progress further.

The last quest will always be a boss battle, the sooner you go through that, the sooner you can unlock a new timeline. The quests won’t be randomly generated and will always be specific to the timeline you’re currently at.

That’s most of what you need to know on your first visit to the Monolith, access it at any time you feel ready through the End of Time.

Timelines inside the Monolith come with their own Echo Webs, quests, and Bosses that you need to breeze through to head in deeper. Try heading in one without getting lost!

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