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Retrieve medical records, for science!

Lab Rat got some strange results from a blood sample, so she gives you the Uncanny Files task in Gray Zone Warfare.

This task will have you entering Fort Narith in search of medical records to help give Lab Rat a better grasp of the situation. Just what exactly were the people in the area afflicted by?

In this short guide, we’ll tell you where to go to get the medical records with ease!

Uncanny Files | Mithras Faction Task Guide

Tent location on the map

This is yet another task that takes you to the Fort Narith area. More specifically, find a medical unit tent near the Barracks. Its closest coordinates are Y: 132, X: 142.

As always, be sure to get some good gear before heading there! Fort Narith has a lot of tough hostiles, especially near the Barracks area.

Once you head to the coordinates, you should find a large green tent next to the corner of a building. As a reference, you should notice a large track parked in front of the tent.

The tent and the records location

All you really need to do to complete this task is to enter the tent. Then, check the end of the L-shaped on the leftmost side. You’ll find an interactable folder labeled as “Army Medical Records.” Simply pick them up, store them and the task’s main objective will be marked as completed!

Army Medical Records close up

All that’s left is to head back to base and deliver the medical records to Lab Rat to fully complete the task. As a reward, you’ll get the following:

  • LBlood x3
  • 5,500 USD
  • 2000 Experience
  • 200 Reputation with Lab Rat

Another simple task completed. As usual, the real challenge with this task is simply dealing with the hostiles as you approach the documents you’re asked for.

Anyway, it’s also a good idea to check out our guide for the Evacuation Question task, if you’ve received it already. 

It can be completed directly south of the medical tent, within Fort Narith’s Barracks. Might as well get it out of the way while you’re already here, right? Otherwise, our guide for all Mithras faction tasks might also come in handy!


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