Legacy Piece: How To Become A Marine or Pirate

Join either of the factions to experience more of the game!

Legacy Piece How To Become A Marine or Pirate

A lot of multiplayer games these days have different clans of factions within the setting that players can join. They’re usually different from player-made guilds and clans and offer progression for your character.

In Legacy Piece, there are two ways you can progress through the game. You can either play as a Marine or a Pirate and both sides are hostile to each other. If you want to experience the game fully, you’ll want to know how to become either of them.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can become a Marine or Pirate in Legacy Piece. Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do to join these factions!

How To Become A Marine or Pirate

There are two main factions in Legacy Piece which is the main point of the PVP in the game. There’s the Marines and the Pirates and it’s one of the main draws of the game. You’ll want to join either of these factions if you want to do more quests and fight other players!

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Becoming A Marine

If you want to go around the game as a Marine, you’ll want to head to Shells Town which is the Level 25 Island. You can use the image as a reference, just take note that the directions are flipped, and North is to the bottom of the map.

Legacy Piece Shells Town

Once you get to Shells Town, you’ll want to head deep into the town and look for the navy blue building shown below. That’s the Marine building, go inside and look around.

Legacy Piece Marine Building

Inside that building, you’ll find the Marine NPC, talk to him so that you can join the Marine faction of the game!

Legacy Piece Marine NPC

Becoming A Pirate

For those who want to become a Pirate, you’ll want to go to the Level 50 island of Alvida. It’s an island near Shells Town that you can reach if you sail southwest from there. You can use the map below as a reference.

Legacy Piece Alvida Island

Once you’re there, facing away from the Ship Guard NPC at the docks, look to the left. You’ll find a pink building, go towards that and head to the bushes to the left of it. There, you’ll find behind the bushes an NPC.

Legacy Piece Bushes

When you go behind the bushes, you’ll meet the Notable Pirate NPC. Talk to him and he’ll give you a chance to join the Pirate faction of the game!

Legacy Piece Notable Pirate

That’s how you can become either a Marine or Pirate in Legacy Piece. Now, go out there and try to join one of these factions! You’ll be sailing a lot in the game so check out our guide on how to spawn your ship for easier travelling!


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