Legacy Piece: How To Spawn Your Ship

There’s an NPC you have to meet!

Legacy Piece is a One Piece-inspired game on Roblox where players can sail the seas to uncover secrets and collect treasures. In this RPG adventure, the main mode of transportation will be by boat. A few players have struggled trying to spawn their ship in the game, so in this guide, I’ll show you how to spawn your ship in Legacy Piece so you can get started on your pirate adventures!

How To Spawn Your Ship

To start, you need to be by the coast and find the Ship Guard NPC. This NPC is who you can buy a boat from. The game tutorials never say that you have to buy a boat, so we’ll outline it here.

The Ship Guard NPC

The Ship Guard is an NPC wearing a blue ship captain’s outfit by the docks. The docks are impossible to miss (just head near the water), and you should find the Ship Guard. Talk to him and this will open the Boat Shop.

Pick A Boat

The three boats you can purchase are the following:

  • Sail Boat
    • Health: 450
    • Max Speed: 45
    • Turn Speed: 22
  • Warship
    • Health: 1500
    • Max Speed: 95
    • Turn Speed: 46
  • Coffin Boat
    • Health: 850
    • Max Speed: 105
    • Turn Speed: 50
  • Striker
    • Health: 750
    • Max Speed: 85
    • Turn Speed: 42
  • Caravel Boat
    • Health: 600
    • Max Speed: 60
    • Turn Speed: 30
  • Row Boat
    • Health: 200
    • Max Speed: 30
    • Turn Speed: 15

Now Spawn Your Boat!

Just buy the boat that you want and press this arrow (pictured below).

This arrow will lead you to the Boat Spawn page. This page will show you all the boats you’ve bought and can spawn. Now you can spawn the boat you just bought and sail the high seas! Now you know how to spawn your ship in Legacy Piece. Ready to start your adventure? Here’s how to get Haki.


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