Legacy Piece: How To Get Haki

Unleash the mysterious power of Haki!

Roblox players have released a brand new One Piece inspired MMORPG Roblox game this time and it’s called Legacy Piece. The game is still in its early stages but that doesn’t stop fans from going all out and exploring everything Legacy Piece has to offer. 

The aim of the game is the same as what we’ve been familiar with like exploring seas, searching for treasure, completing quotes and leveling your characters to obtain new abilities. To play this game to its fullest, you need to harness the powers it has to offer. That being said, let’s see how to get Haki. 

How To Get Haki

To get Haki in Legacy Piece, you need to do a couple of things which include getting to an island called Haki Island and completing a quest to obtain Haki. Below is a breakdown of all the steps you need to do.

  1. Go to Baratie .
  2. Take a ship to Haki Island
  3. Start the Haki quest.
  4. Find the scroll.
  5. Fight enemies to complete the quest.

Before you start your journey, you need to prepare yourself for any resources you might need. In this case, you’ll be needing 2,500 coins. So, start grinding for that money and then head over to Baratie once you’re ready.

Travel to Baratie

Character on Baratie in Legacy Piece, Roblox

You can actually travel to any island that’s close to Haki Island and then take a ship to the Island. But if you notice in the map below, Baratie is the closest to Island Haki, which is why it will be faster to travel first to Baratie then Haki. 

Map in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

You can even choose Foosha as your starting point, which will give you a straight direction to follow in order to get to our desired island. 

Now that we’ve traveled to Foosha or more preferably, Beratie, it’s time to hop on your ship and get ready for an adventure in the sea!

Ship in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

Taking a ship to Haki Island

When you get on your ship’s steering and first things first, you line up your ship and then get ready to travel. You can start going east and then little toward southeast and you should see the Island’s silhouette in the distance.

Haki Island in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

The island is big and visible for everyone so don’t worry; it will be difficult to miss. So, dock your ship because it’s time to get down to the quests. 

Starting the quest

The quest you want in order to get Haki is located on this island and I’ll show you how to get to it. 

The first thing you’d want to do in Haki island is to climb up the mountains. When you’re on the island, you can keep heading straight and you should see a big steep mountain in the distance.

Mountain on Haki Island in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

When you get on top of the climbable part of the mountain, on the right side, you should see a ladder leading you all the way on top of the steep mountain. 

Ladder on Haki iSland in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

When you reach the top by climbing the ladder and just when you’re entering the area, you should see an NPC named X Shotgun Daichi. Talk to him. 

X shotgun Gaichi in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

As mentioned before, getting the quest will cost you $2500. X Shotgun Gaichi will now ask you to get a scroll so let’s go do that!

NOTE: If you run into this guy at a later time after you’ve got Haki, avoid talking to him because you might end up losing your $2500. So, there’s no need to talk to him again after this.

Looking for the scroll

The scroll is somewhere on this island and with enough exploring, it’s pretty easy to find. To make your search easier, you can find the scroll next to one of the trees, on the left side of the island. 

Scroll on Haki island in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

When you find the scroll, interact with it and take it back to the NPC. So, go up the mountain on the ladder and talk to X Shotgun Gaichi once again to give him the scroll. 

He’s going to tell you that the scroll wasn’t for Haki but if we want to learn Haki, he’s willing to teach us. This is the part where he’ll assign the second part of the quest. 

Defeat Some Enemies

The NPC will assign you to fight the two enemies on the ground of the island. So, head back down. There will only be two of them to fight and also the only two enemies on the island. They are also easy to defeat which is great if you’re not looking for a challenge and are eager to get Haki.

You’ll see that one is a Gorilla and the other is a Lion. You’re going to start with the Gorilla and make your way to the lion after you’ve defeated the gorilla. 

Gorilla and Lion on Haki Island in Legacy Piece, Roblox.

The enemies don’t have much HP and you can either cheese it with infinite combo or fight them as you normally would an enemy. When you defeat them both, you finally get Haki

And that’s pretty much it. You don’t have to go back or talk to anyone. Haki is yours. The key behind Haki is Tab and you can also use it with your sword. If you’re a fan of Planet Crafter, I’m sure you’d be curious to know How To Get Warden Ending, so check out our guide.


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