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Halo Infinite: Locate the Bridge & Deactivate the Stasis Beam Guide

Deactivate the Stasis Beam in Warship Gbraakon!

In the Warship Gbraakon mission, you need to find and Deactivate the Stasis Beam to proceed. The area is filled with broken platforms and you need to locate a way to the bridge as well. This guide will show you how to Deactivate the Stasis Beam and Locate the Bridge in Halo Infinite. 

Locate the Bridge

When you begin the mission, go to your left and jump to the center platform. There is a half-open door here so crouch under to enter. 

Keep following the path and grapple across to reach the ramp. Follow the hallway until you reach a series of doors and a room with weapon racks. 

Go through the door to the north and a cutscene will occur. Defeat the enemy and you will reach the room with a hologram. 

Go towards the door on your left and follow the hallway to the room filled with weapons. Enter the series of doors at the end of the hallway and grapple across the gap to your left. 

Keep going until you reach an elevator. Activate the Elevator and go through the series of doors to your left. Walk north until you reach a ramp going to the upper level with a door. 

Deactivate the Stasis Beam

Enter the door and follow the hallway to your right. Keep going until you reach a door guarded by two holograms. Before entering, be sure you have enough ammo and weapon because there are a lot of enemies on the other side. 

Go through the door and defeat all the enemies in the room. After defeating the enemies, you can go north and deactivate the Stasis Beam in the middle of the room. 

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