Legacy Piece: How To Unlock New 1 Sword Style

New style is here!

Legacy Piece already had the coolest fighting styles you can get, and with the newest update, there is a new one called 1 Sword Style. It is a pretty simple one, yet very useful, especially for beginners. In this guide, we are going to show you how you can unlock it quickly and easily.

How To Unlock New 1 Sword Style

First of all, you need to equip a sword for this style. If you are a starter in the game, you can get one from the Starter Island.

Acquiring a sword in King Legacy.

Once you have a weapon and everything, you need to go to Shell Island. You need to be at least Level 25 to enter this island. But do not worry about it as you do not actually need to get to this island, we are just going to use it as a starting location.

Heading to the Shell Island in King Legacy.

Just go to the back of Shell Island and keep going to the east. You will finally arrive at an island named “???”.

Arriving at the ?? island in King Legacy.

Before starting anything, make sure to use the spawn crystal at the entrance to set a spawn point. After that, just follow the path at the entrance, and you will see the Sword Style Trainer on your left.

In the first step, he will just ask you to beat two NPCs called Trained Swordmen. Once you are done with that, you can go back to the Sword Style Trainer.

Talking with Sword Style Trainer in King Legacy.

Your second objective is to strengthen your body. You can achieve this by doing Weight Training. It is located just a little away from the trainer.

Weight training in King Legacy.

The last two steps are beating the instructor and the Mirage Lotus. These two will take place one after another when you talk to the trainer after completing your weight training.

Completing this step might take a little while, as they are obviously strong opponents. However, when you finish it, you will unlock the 1 Sword Style.

Beating the instructor in King Legacy.

This is exactly how you are going to Unlock New 1 Sword Style in Legacy Piece! If you have any other questions, do not forget to leave a comment below. Up next, why not check out our complete beginners guide for Legacy Piece? It includes leveling up, races, fighting styles, fruits and more!


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