Let’s build a zoo: How to Breed Animals

Breed Exotic Animals!

Breeding and Splicing in Let’s Build a Zoo allows you to obtain more animals and species. You can discover new variants by Breeding and creating Exotic animals by Splicing. Below is a guide on how to Breed Animals in Let’s Build a Zoo. 

How to Breed Animals

Before you can Breed Animals, you first need to unlock the Nursery using the Research Hub. This allows you to Breed two pairs of Animals at once. You need to select both a male and female species that are at their fertile age. 

After selecting a pair, you will see all the possible outcomes from Breeding the animals. You can discover a new variant even if you use the same two variants but the chances will be slim. Below are some tips on Breeding Animals.

  • Breeding the same two variants can increase their Breeding experience.
  • A high Breeding Experience can give you higher chances of discovering a new variant.
  • You can unlock the reduced pregnancy time and ultrasound technology using the Research Hub. 
  • The animals can breed in their enclosure naturally as long as there is one fertile male and female.
  • You can purchase new animal variants in the animal shelter in Florida

Once you have Ultrasound technology, you can check the variant that the animal is pregnant with. You can also terminate the pregnancy if you do not like the variant and try breeding again. 

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