Like A Dragon Gaiden: Where To Find Sell Items

I’m not clearing out my Inventory for free!

Like A Dragon Gaiden brings back the legendary Kiryu back into the game. Players familiar with Kiryu will know how in their adventures with him while exploring the city results in a stocked-up Inventory. At some point, you will want to clear this Inventory out. Some items in your Inventory may even be valuable and you may want to make money so that you can purchase something else that you want to.

In this guide, we will show you exactly where you can find the place where you can sell your items. After that, you can sell your items whenever the need arises in the game. We will also highlight the process for selling items to ensure that you won’t have any trouble. Let’s dive in and sell some junk!

Where To Find Sell Items

The place where you can sell your items in Like A Dragon Gaiden is the Pawn Shop. You can find it on the map near a restaurant, as shown below.

Pawn Shop location on map in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

This is how the Pawn Shop will look from the outside.

Pawn Shop exterior in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

When you enter the Pawn Shop, you will notice a person behind the counter who you can interact with. Press the Talk button to get the Dialogue options.

Pawn Shop seller in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

After this, select the I’m here to sell option. You can even select the other option to buy items from him.

He sells some interesting stuff that you can purchase, like Armor and Race Parts. So, if you ever need these Items, you know where you can get them from.

Pawn Shop sell option in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

After, you select the Sell option, you can select items from your Inventory that you want to sell. Select an item that you want to sell, and you can even choose how many of those you want to sell. The exact money that you will receive for this transaction will also appear in the Menu.

You can sell whichever items you want, including their amounts, at the Pawn Shop. Simple enough, right? Now, your Inventory will have some breathing room from the hoarding you have been doing!

Pawn Shop Selling Menu in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

And that’s how you can sell items, including where you can find the location for doing so. As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward as long as you can find the Pawn Shop on the map. Now, you won’t have to nitpick which items you should sell, or even drop them because you simply do not have space for other things that you need!

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