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Go easy on the bonito flakes!

Like A Dragon Gaiden Okonomiyaki Food Stall

Some things never changed for not-Kiryu in Like a Dragon Daigen: The Man Who Erased His Name. You get a sprinkle of comedy slice of life bits whenever you’re out walking and the next thing you know you’re dropkicking a thug off into the river.

It’s been quite some time ever since you’ve been here canonically, so it might be a bit difficult to remember where all the food stalls are when you’re doing side quests. Check out the rest of the guide below if you haven’t figured out where to buy Okonomiyaki yet!

Where To Buy Okonomiyaki

Once you arrive in Sotenbori (again) and do work for the Akame network you’ll be task to get some Okonomiyaki. The only place where you can get this noodle filled pancake is located at the Hiratai food stand.

That’s on the Sotenbori Footpath, you know, the old decrepit place where you went fishing thirty-five years ago.

If you’re looking to clear a few more objectives this side of the waterway, then you can find the famous clown too. Osaka’s famous clown is right around the corner!

Like A Dragon Gaiden Okonomiyaki Stand

Head over to the stall near the canal, you can use the stairs at either end of the bridge. Speak to the nice lady and tell her you want to buy a pancake. If you’re unsure about where to buy specific food items next time make sure you’re looking at the correct symbol on your map.

What you usually need for requests can be bought from stores that have a blue shopping cart symbol. The rest are food items from restaurants that only Kiryu can make use of.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Okonomiyaki Request

And that’s where you can buy Okonomiyaki in Like A Dragon Gaiden. Go around the neighborhood and take in the scenery. It’s like every other place you’ve been to before, except this time it’s in Japanese!

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