Loomian Legacy: Complete Jolly Festival Guide | Christmas 2023

Everything you need to know about the game’s new festive event!

Loomian Legacy is a Roblox game all about finding, collecting, and battling with various creatures that have distinctive features and abilities.

Towards the end of 2023, the game’s most recent update came with the new Christmas-themed Jolly Festival event. Here is everything you need to know about it!

Complete Jolly Festival Guide | Christmas 2023

First of all, one of the new additions with the update is the Mimask, which is a new limited Loomian that you can get by doing the Jolly Festival Evergreen Maze.

Check out this guide for an in-depth tutorial on how to complete the maze, as well as a few details about the Mimask itself!

Loomian Legacy mimask

Other New Loomians

Aside from Mimask, there are also two other Loomians added to the game: Leopaw and Kayute. Old event Loomians, such as the Celesting, Wabalisc, and many more, may also be found during the Christmas update.

Throughout the duration of the event, you can also evolve a Vari into a Tundrolen by leveling it up within the Jolly Village.

Leopaw is a light/ice type Loomian that can evolve into Chienta if it reaches level 31 while it knows the move called Blindspot Batter. It can be found out in the wild throughout the duration of the event.

Loomian Legacy leopaw

Kayute, on the other hand, is a dark/ice type Loomian that evolves into Kayappa at level 23 and Kramboss at level 38. Just like the other new creature, it can be found through wild encounters.

Loomian Legacy kayute

Holiday Reskins &Other Items

There are new Christmas-themed skins for the following Loomians, which you can hunt down during the event period:

  • Elf Impkin
  • Elf Grimmick
  • Elf Imperior
  • Holiday Volpup
  • Holiday Halvantic
  • Holiday Nevermare
  • Various recolors of the Icigool

In addition to these skins, there are also various new items in the game, including several disks and the Mimask Saddle, which will let you mount a Mimask if you have one.

That is everything you need to know about the new 2023 Christmas update for Loomian Legacy. Now get out there and participate in the festivities before the event goes away for good!

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