Pet Simulator 99: Lucky Block Mini Game Guide

Lucky Blocks is making a return!

The highly anticipated Update 5 for Pet Simulator 99 is expected to make its way soon to the game. It will be adding some new content, and it is confirmed that the Lucky Block Mini Game will be part of this update. Old fans of the game will be very familiar with the name from Pet Simulator X.

However, quite a few players will also not know what this is. In this guide, we will be explaining to you how the Lucky Block Mini Game will work according to the teasers. You can then prepare yourself accordingly to the update to help increase your chances of getting rewards. Let’s dive in!

Lucky Block Mini Game Guide

Lucky Block is a mode that initially made its debut in Pet Simulator X. It was an update that players unfortunately did not enjoy for various reasons, mainly because of the disappointing rewards.

However, BIG Games on their Twitter/X profile recently shared two screenshots as a sort of teaser for the Lucky Blocks Mini Game.

It is expected to be part of Update 5. We’ll be discussing both of them, as they do give us a pretty good idea of how the mini game will work.

We also recommend that you make preparations for Update 5. In this way, you will be in the best position to take advantage of it.

Starting off, we have a picture that showcases the entrance to the Lucky Blocks Mini game. Nothing special here besides a cool looking aesthetic, but it does give us the impression that it will be a big part of the update.

Lucky Block mini game entrance in Pet Simulator 99.

The next screenshot gives us a lot more insight into how the Lucky Block Mini Game will work, especially considering how the old one worked. In essence, your target is to reach the Lucky Block Goal of 5,000. You can reach this goal by breaking 4 types of Lucky Blocks.

Here are the 4 Lucky Block types with their value:

  • Yellow Blocks – Worth 10 points
  • Blue Blocks – Worth 25 points
  • Pink Blocks – Worth 100 points
  • Rainbow Blocks – Worth 5,000 points.

Rainbow Blocks will allow you to get to the goal easily. However, with a lower goal compared to the previous Lucky Block update, it is likely that Rainbow Blocks will be incredibly rare to find.

Everytime you reach the goal, you will get a Black Lucky Block that will contain Rare Item drops.

Now, it remains to be seen whether this mini game will actually be a good method of getting Rare Item Drops and farming coins. So, stay tuned as the update drops soon!

Lucky Block Goal in Pet Simulator 99.

That’s everything that needs to be discussed for the Lucky Block Mini Game Guide for Pet Simulator 99. Hopefully, there will be even more content making its way to the game with the new update. In this way, everyone will be able to find a piece of content that suits their preferences.

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