Loomian Legacy: How to Get All New Loomians in Jolly Festival

Collect all of the new creatures in this festive event!

In Loomian Legacy, players can find, collect, and battle with all sorts of creatures out in the wild. With the Jolly Festival update, various new features and Loomians were added to the game. In this guide, we will quickly be going through how you can get all of the new additions to the game’s roster!

How to Get All New Loomians in Jolly Festival

There is a wide range of both new and old event-exclusive Loomians that you can encounter throughout the course of the Jolly Festival event.

Most of them simply appear from random encounters in the event area, but we’ll go through each of them anyway, as well as their evolutions (if any).


The Leopaw can be encountered as you run around the Jolly Festival area, and it has a relatively high rate of appearance.

It is a Light/Ice type Loomian, and if it knows the Blindspot Batter move, it will evolve into a Chienta upon leveling up.

You can have it learn this move at the Coliseum if you, for any reason, did not get it by level 31.

Loomian Legacy leopaw


The Impkin can be acquired by first entering the Jolly Festival Evergreen Maze. At the start of the challenge, enter the shack and open the green box in the corner.

Loomian Legacy green box

If you get lucky, you may encounter the elf version of this Loomian when you open the box. This is completely random, however, so you may need to keep repeating the maze in order to find that skin.

It evolves into a Grimmick at level 23, and it will then turn into an Imperior upon reaching level 38. Both evolutions will also have an elf reskin if the Impkin has it.

Loomian Legacy impkin


The holiday version of Craytal is another random encounter in the event area. It is an ice/plant type Loomian that will only evolve into a Festifir if you trade it to someone while it’s holding a set of Decorative Lights, which you can buy at the Peppermint Swap shop.

It also has other possible trade evolutions, and they are as follows:

  • Volkaloa – This is what Craytal will turn into if you trade it for a Kabunga
  • Leshent – The Craytal will evolve into this if traded for a Halloween Kabunga
  • Krakaloa – A regular Craytal will take on this form if it is traded for anything else without the Decorative Lights.
Loomian Legacy craytal


A festive reskin of the Volpup can be found as a relatively rare wild encounter within the event area. It is an electric/toxic type Loomian that will evolve into a Halvantic once it reaches level 29.

Loomian Legacy volpup

Snowl & Mistlebud

These two are special holiday Loomians from the previous year that are also available in this edition of the Christmas event. They can both be found in the wild.

The Snowl is an ice type Loomian that will evolve into a Stricicle at level 23 and then turn into a Wintrix once it reaches level 37. It has a relatively low encounter rate.

Loomian Legacy snowl

On the other hand, the Mistlebud is a plant type Loomian with a slightly higher encounter rate than the Snowl. It can evolve into a Hollibunch if you give it a set of Decorative Lights.

Loomian Legacy mistlebud

Vari Evolution

The Vari is a typeless Loomian that you can regularly encounter even outside of the event period. However, it has a special evolution that you can only get within the duration of the Jolly Festival.

Upon reaching level 20 while you are inside the Jolly Festival area, a Vari will turn into a Tundrolen, which is an ice type Loomian.

Loomian Legacy tundrolen


The Mimask requires quite a bit of work to get. Luckily, we have a comprehensive guide on how to get Mimask. It can also be found through wild encounters, though it is incredibly rare.

It is a dark type Loomian that you can only get during this event, and you can even get a saddle for Mimask that will let you ride it around the map.

Loomian Legacy mimask


The Cryocub was first introduced in the previous year’s Christmas event, and it is available once more through random encounters with an extremely low appearance rate.

It is an ice type Loomian that will turn into a Barbadger if it levels up while knowing the move Brawn Boost, which it learns at level 31.

Loomian Legacy cryocub


Next, we have Kayute, which simply shows up as a relatively common random encounter within the Jolly Festival area.

It is an ice/dark type Loomian that evolves into a Kayappa upon reaching level 23. Its final form is the Kramboss, which requires it to hit level 38 first.

Loomian Legacy kayute


Finally, we have the holiday version of the Nevermare (The monster chasing you in the maze). As with most of the other entries in this guide, this can be found as a random encounter in the event area.

It is a plant/spirit type Loomian that has a very low appearance rate, so you’ll have to get extremely lucky in order to actually find one in the wild.

Loomian Legacy nevermare

And that is how you get all of the Loomians added with the Jolly Festival update of Loomian Legacy. Now, get out there and start searching for them before the event is over!

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