Fruit Battlegrounds: Best Fruit Tier List (Flame V2 Update)

Is Chop Fruit still bad?

Fruit Battlegrounds: Best Fruit Tier List (Flame V2 Update)

We’re going to share the latest fruit tier list in Fruit Battlegrounds after the Flame V2 update. Some fruits managed to retain their place and others are going down the ranks. Come and check out if your favorite fruit still remains on top of the list! Without further ado, here’s the tier list.

Best Fruit Tier List (Flame V2 Update)

As always, you’re always free to share your thoughts about the fruits in the comments and tier lists are always subjective. We’ll give brief reasons why they’re where they are on the list.

Fruit Battlegrounds: Best Fruit Tier List (Flame V2 Update)

S+ Tier

  • Soul. While it has been nerfed, Soul is still the best fruit in the game with infinite mode. But it is now a lot easier to deal with. Here’s how to get the Soul Fruit.
  • Dragon V2. It has been buffed with stun which allows you to do various combos. While it can still be countered, it’s easy to fall for it.
  • Ope. Unfortunately, you can’t block while setting up your room, but you can still stun trade and has insane movement with it.
  • Goro. Some fruits can completely counter it like Leopard and Dragon V2, but it is still reasonably powerful.
  • DarkXQuake. It is a lot more consistent than Nika as you require landing your combos to go into transformation for Nika, but DarkxQuake is better against careful, experienced players.
  • Leopard. Yet another fruit that has that consistent damage compared to Nika when you can’t pop off the transformation all the time. You can always do stun trades with this fruit a lot. Be careful of the nerfed transformation wind up.
  • Nika. You can combo into Nika Transformation if you land your entire combo. Make sure to end with the stun and knockback move to get off the transformation without beign punished.
Fruit Battlegrounds Nika.
  • Dough. It has powerful stuns, knockbacks, damage, combo, it’s still an amazing all-rounder with damage. But with the rising number of players getting used of the fruit and new strong fruits emerging, it’s falling off its throne.


  • Flame V2. It has the potential to put up a fight against mythical fruits. Flame V2 has a chance if you can get them run out of their Gear 4 mode.
  • TS Rubber. At Gear 4 with TS Rubber, this is a mode that people avoid because Gatling range is huge and in damage trade, you’ll always win.
  • Venom. The guard breaking is not as good as the previous bypass ability it had. Venom cannot combo start as much if you know how to counter its Poison Storm.
  • Dragon V1. You can always put pressure on the enemy and your combos deal a lot of damage.
Dragon V1 user using his skill on air.
  • Magnet. You can now use your Metal Arms without being punished by using your Soru. It’s in a better place with that change on top of its potential for trades.
  • Magma V2. Magma V2 is on par with Magnet, but Magma’s combo starter is slightly easier to block or prevent compared to Magnet.
  • Light V2. It doesn’t have as long of combos as it had before, but its raw power is still worth it, hence why it’s still in this tier. Here’s how to awaken Light V2.


  • Ash. You can guard break the enemy, you can shoot the enemy out of the sky, and they can be very annoying to deal with. The crow is a constant fear that can really divide the enemy’s attention.
  • Gravity. Gravity has a much better chance of fighting against higher tier fruits. Albeit it does less damage, it is a lot more flexible to work with.
  • Phoenix. The one fruit that can scale the S-tier fruits, but it has less chances against the strongest fruits. But still very solid choice.
  • Ice V2. It has weaker M1 damage now, but if you learn, the combos are pretty solid to use.
Ice V2 in PVP.
  • Love. It can heal but Ice V2 has way better combo starting potentials.
  • Paw. It has been nerfed, but it’s still a better fruit than String. Pressure Cannon now knockbacks when blocked. But it’s still powerful.
  • String. You can auto-target with String which puts pressure on your opponent. You can do various things with it and it also comes with a movement skill.
  • Quake. It’s been buffed in terms of speed, but can still be countered by any player who knows how to manage their Soru.


  • Light V1. A really great fruit when you learn how to stay on air and punish the enemy whenever they get on height.
  • Gas. Suffocation gets a speed increase, but a longer wind up.
  • Sand. Perhaps the strongest Common fruit, Sand is known for the nearly infinite combo, although that has been nerfed with increased cooldown.


  • Falcon. It has combo, but starting the combo is a whole issue in itself. You can’t stun trade with it albeit it has decent movement.
  • Barrier. Equipped with a powerful combo starter that breaks guard on frame one. It’s the all-rounder as it’s got range, it’s got defense to block attack (bigger bubble!), and is an overall balanced fruit.
  • Magma V1. The combos are good, but the blocking now can be bypassed by more fruits.
  • Flame. Flame has been nerfed and now deals less damage as you can’t combo as long with M1 into Fire Gun.
  • Bomb. The Grenade Blaster range is good and you can also dodge up in the air or block break people. It is just lacking in combo damage.
  • Rubber. It has been buffed and is now a lot more balanced with more speed and you can’t block its ultimate now. You can do some stun with it too.
  • Smoke. It has been buffed with stun and decent combo with damage. An overall decent fruit.


  • Dark. It has insanely strong combo, but is very easy to block. Most players who know how to dodge or guard will be able to win against Dark easily.
  • Chop.
  • Ice V1.

You can decide whichever goes to the bottom of the tier between Ice V1 and Chop, but there’s really no reason for them to leave those tiers. Both needs buffs urgently and are pretty bad in the game right now.

That concludes the best fruit tier list for Flame V2 update in Fruit Battlegrounds. In case you missed it, here’s how you can get Light V2 Awakening!


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