LR Father of Humanity Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

Copy-paste passives with this Battle Pass hero!

The battle pass rewards in Anime World Tower Defense (AWTD) never disappoint. In this season of the game, players can get the secret character LR Father of Humanity from the manga series Record of Ragnarok. Players who’ve already spent on this season’s battle pass agree that this unit is one of the best in the game. To give you guys a good idea of what this unit has to offer, I’ll give you guys a full guide for Father of Humanity.

Complete Guide for LR Father of Humanity

The Father of Humanity unit is considered one of the most flexible units in the AWTD. You can get him by grinding your battle pass to Level 40

I’ll talk about his skills and team synergy in more detail.

AWDT Father of Humanity first skill range.


Here are the skills that change for every upgrade of this unit:

  • Justment Axe [Circle]
    • Achieved at Upgrade 3
  • Galaxy Impact [AoE]
    • Achieved at Upgrade 6
  • Copy Passive
    • Father of Humanity’s special skill
    • Allows this unit to copy any passive in the game
      • Exceptions are units with multiple passives.
      • This means that this unit can copy any passive of the units in your current roster.

This Copy Passive is this unit’s greatest asset. You can take advantage of this by making a team that all have great passives and having Father of Humanity copy them to use in the field.

AWDT Father of Humanity second skill range.

Team Synergy

In simulations, players have reported that a single Father of Humanity unit can take down a 5M HP enemy without much problem. With his special skill, there’s no limit to the types of teams you can build.

With Shining Star Idol, Father of Humanity can hit 2.56 Million attack damage. Combined with Peace Symbol’s passive, this unit can deal with huge numbers without much help. 

SIDE NOTE: There are a lot of great supports in the game, here’s a guide on the best teams you craft in AWTD.

Place this unit anywhere on the field according to which passive you want to copy. This will ultimately depend on you and how you want to play this unit.

AWDT Father of Humanity's passive.

And that’s the gist of this new unit in AWTD. I hope that our complete guide for LR Father of Humanity gives you a good idea of what to expect with this paid unit. The battle pass for Anime World Tower Defense is always coming out with better rewards, and this one isn’t one to miss.

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