Mashle Academy: How To Get Maxed Magic Mastery Fast

Muscles aren’t enough, I need magical power!

Mashle Academy is a Roblox game that is based off of the Mashle anime and manga. Just like in the anime and manga, you will be placed in an academy where you will hone both your muscles and magic.

Some opt to train their muscles to get physically stronger, while others want to learn how to be magically stronger. If you prefer the latter, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will show you how to max out your Magic Mastery fast.

How To Get Maxed Magic Mastery Fast

Getting your Magic Mastery up fast is a great way to be able to deal lots of magical damage. There are several methods that can do that, but this is so far the best method that can get it up that much faster.

However, you may need to learn a thing or two about the game before doing this, so check out the beginner’s guide for Mashle Academny to get acquainted about the game first.

Location – Scorpion Boss

The method requires you to fight the Scorpion boss, which is located in the Upper Wildwood Forest. This is a large forest, but you can easily find it by sticking to the wall and following it, as the entrance to the Scorpion’s boss’ is found on the side of the walls.

Starting from the Upper Wildwood Forest in Mashle Academy.

As you follow the walls of the forest, you will eventually find a cave entrance. This is the entrance to the Scorpion boss. Go inside and you will find the Scorpion boss waiting at the very end of the cave.

Scorpion cave entrance in Mashle Academy.

Method 1

Now the reason why we are here at the Scorpion boss is because this boss is the one that gives out the most XP once defeated. You will be able to max out your Magic Mastery fast in under an hour with this boss, and the methods you will use require no effort whatsoever besides just attacking the enemy.

Once inside the boss arena, get the Scorpion to aggro on you and start running to this high platform. The Scorpion boss will not be able to attack you as it cannot jump up high enough.

Once there, you can then use your range attacks to attack the Scorpion while it’s below you. Just be careful not to get too close to the edge, as it can still jump and hit you if you are close enough.

The first cheese method against the Scorpion in Mashle Academy.

Method 2

For the second method, this one is much preferred than the first one. It’s the same thing, aggro the boss until it starts chasing you. When it is chasing you, run back to the entrance where you first entered.

Go through the entrance and stand outside. The Scorpion will be too big to follow you, causing it to be stuck inside. You can then attack the Scorpion from here.

However, there is another way to grind in the game if you are interested. As stated before, there are other ways to level up in the game. If you are interested, check out this guide for the best quest to grind in the game.

The second and best cheese method against the Scorpion in Mashle Academy.

That’s all you need to know on how to max out your Magic Mastery fast in the game. Did this guide help you get your Magic Mastery up quick? Let us know in the comments below.

There are also other bosses you can cheese in the game as well. Check out this guide on how to cheese the Golem boss in Mashle Academy.


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