Asura: Complete Stats, Clans & Jobs Guide

New to the game? See what you need to do and become stronger!

Asura: Complete Beginner's Guide | Stats, Clans, Jobs & More

In ROBLOX Asura, training is a crucial feature since it lets you become much stronger. With PvP fights being one of the core game modes of the game, good progress increases your chances of winning. As a new player, you’ll definitely want to know how to become stronger.

There are a lot of ways to help you progress in the game, from daily missions to improving your character’s stats. In this guide, we will provide you with some information necessary so you can get started on your journey of becoming the strongest player in the game.

Complete Stats, Clans & Jobs Guide

First, let’s talk about your daily missions. Every 24 hours, you are able to receive one daily quest. This daily mission will give you a +3 increase to your stats, a random reroll, and candies. With candies, you can buy new rerolls without having to spend Robux.

On the left side of your screen, you will be able to see your Daily Quest. In this example, the quest requires you to do 50 sit-ups. This can require a certain amount of stamina. As a beginner, stamina is one of the most important stats so you’ll want to train and get them early on.

Asura: Complete Beginner's Guide | Stats, Clans, Jobs & More

Upon completing your daily quest, you can receive a clan reroll. Having a clan will give you a percentage increase in your stats or even your exp gain. There are many types of rerolls as well, you can see the list for yourself in the image below.

Asura Halloween Shop

Next, let’s learn about how you can increase your overall stamina bar. In a store near Spawn, you can purchase an item called the Breathing Mask. You’ll also want to buy the Roadwork Training item next to it for $470 as well.

Asura mask

Once you use the Roadwork Training, the game will ask you which stat you want to focus on. You can then choose Speed or Stamina.

Choose stamina then follow the red icons on your screen when they appear. Keep following them until you arrive at the final location, then the game will give you 2k or 2.5k cash and a stamina increase. Repeat the steps until you have 100 stamina.

Asura Stat

In order to check your stats, you can buy a stat check in the store for $5,000. It’s recommended that you not spend on this item early on. This is because you want to prioritize spending your money on other useful items that help increase your power.

Asura Check

Go back to the Training item shop we mentioned earlier in this article and purchase the Strike Power Training item.

Near the entrance of the store, you will be able to see a punching bag. Put on your gloves and keep punching it while paying attention to your stamina.

Only punch when you see the red gloves icon appear on top of the punching bag. Once the gloves you have equipped are gone, keep doing the steps until you have 25 Strength.

When you’re out of money, you can always do the Roadwork Training to get some extra cash.

Asura Power

Next, buy the Body Conditioning Training item so you can increase your overall endurance. For this to work, you have to let other players hit you.

You can try finding players nearby who are doing their strength training and stand in front of them. Keep doing it until you have 30 Durability.

Asura Durability

On the top left of your screen, you will be able to see an icon. If you haven’t eaten for a while in the game, the Fat Loss notification symbol will pop up. This means that you will need to eat in order to remove the negative effect.

Asura Fat Loss

You can then go to the Burger Queen store and buy some chicken. Chicken is currently the best food so you’ll want to spend your money on this type of food.

Asura Chicken

The final stat you’ll want to improve is your Striking Speed. Go back to the training items store and buy the Striking Speed Training item.

Then, go to the punching bags and punch them whenever the red gloves icon appears on top of the bags. Keep repeating the steps until you have 25 Strike Speed.

Asura Striking Speed

That is some of the basic information you’ll want to know about the game. As a beginner, it is essential that you have a certain amount of stats before you can do other tasks. With more stamina, you can have an easier time doing dailies and can run far distances without running out of them too early.

With more strengths, you can go on your journey to obtain newer items and perks. For example, you can try talking to the trainers so you can unlock a fighting style. As you complete more daily missions, you can use the reroll items to find yourself a good clan or find a good effect for your character.

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