Master Pirate: How To Get Black Leg v2 Guide

Upgrade your Black Leg to v2!

Master Pirate gives players the chance to experience what it is like to be a pirate on Roblox. One of the many things you can get in the game is the Black Leg, and you can upgrade it to Black Leg v2 in very few easy steps. In this Master Pirate: How To Get Black Leg v2 Guide, we are going to show you how to upgrade your Black Leg in no time.

How To Get Black Leg v2

After you get the Black Leg from Black Leg Teacher for 15K Beli. You can now proceed to get Black Leg v2.

Obtaining it will not be much of a problem, as all you need to do is get an Aqua Soul dropped from Ryuma, a boss from Thriller Bark.

Once you get the Aqua Soul, go to the Island of Greenery to talk with the Ukigdsi NPC. You can find him at the corner of the island.

He will ask you to bring him an Aqua Soul. Then, you will have the chance to obtain Black Leg v2 for 250K Beli and 25 Ruby.

Just like this, you now know How To Get Black Leg v2 in Master Pirate. Let us know if you have any further questions by leaving a comment below.

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