Master Pirate: How To Get Rokushiki Guide

Let’s get Rokushiki!

Rokushiki is a powerful ability you can learn from an NPC in Master Pirate. However, it requires players to complete some steps and find some items before making the purchase. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know to learn how to get Rokushiki in Master Pirate.

How To Get Rokushiki

  1. Get Iron dropped by Jabra.
  2. Get 6 Green Torches dropped by Mihawk.
  3. Go to the Dark Castle Room and fall into the Kamoy Room there.
  4. Interact with the Mystery Chest.
  5. Once inside the Mystery Room, light all torches with the green torch.
  6. Pass through the portal and talk to the NPC there.
  7. Get an Ice Totem dropped by any Mob.
  8. Take the Ice Totem back to the NPC to buy the Rokushiki for 300K Beli.

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough below.

Detailed Walkthrough

Before trying to get Rokushiki, you should first make sure to have some items with you. These are; Iron from Jabra, 6 Green Torches dropped by killing Mihawk Boss, and Phoenix Fruit. After you get those items, you can proceed to the Dark Castle Room.

Once inside the Dark Castle Room, take a turn to the left and go behind the fallen green bookcases. There you will fall into a secret entry to the Kamoy Room.

Inside the Kamoy Room, go to the wall with a red sign in front of it. Use your Phoenix Fruit to get through the other side of the wall.

You will now get to the other side of the Kamoy Room, but you will notice that you are in the middle of a lava pool. Use the Phoenix Fruit to get to the safe side of the room. Then climb on top of the green pipe there and interact with the Mystery Chest.

The Chest will teleport you into the Mystery Room. There, you need to light all torches with your green torch.

After you finish lighting every torch inside the room, a portal will appear. Pass through it and you will see the thai_TH3 NPC there. He will ask you some questions.

Answers: Isn’t OK -> Yes -> Enies Lobby -> I’m willing -> … -> Okay.

Note that if you don’t bring Iron with you, he won’t ask you these questions. He will just kick you out of the room.

After you finish talking to thai_TH3 reset your character. Then, go kill some Mobs until you get an Ice Totem. Choose the store torch option before leaving as well.

Any Mob can drop the Ice Totem. It probably won’t take you too much time.

Take the Ice Totem back to the NPC and he will ask you if you want to buy Rokushiki For 300K Beli.

Rokushiki Moves

With the newest update of Master Pirate, the Rokushiki has also received some changes to its moves. Let’s take a look at them as well.

  • Z Move – Rankyaku: You launch two energy blasts through your legs (111 strength, 75% damage, 75% AOE, but also 75% faster).
  • X Move – Tekkai: While holding it (for a maximum of 10 seconds), you get no damage and are immobile. Using it in the air causes a little AOE blast (222 strength) and slams to the ground.
  • C Move – Shigan Assult: You launch a tiny barrage of close-range projectiles before unleashing a powerful one that knocks your opponent back (333 strength).
  • V Move – Six Conqueror Gun: You charge against the opponents and grasp them, throwing both of your fists at them (444 strength).

You can purchase the Rokushiki and use it just like this! We hope that our Master Pirate: How To Get Rokushiki Guide helped you find this ability.

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