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Minecraft Legends: How To Get More Allays

Can never have too many Allays.

If you haven’t played Minecraft in a long time, then you might be confused about what the heck Allays are. Well, they are new mobs that were introduced way back last year in July. These mobs are not hostile, and will instead help you if you give them an item.

Let’s say, you give them a Diamond, the Allay will then roam around the world searching for Diamonds and giving what they find to you.

In Minecraft Legends, they work the same, so it’s important to have an abundance of them.

How To Get More Allays – Minecraft Legends

There are a couple of ways to get Allay’s in Minecraft Legends, but only one of them is a guarantee. The first one is by opening chests all over the world.

Chests will have random items inside, and you will have the chance to get an Allay inside.

However, it’s not viable as chests will also contain other items, so you can spend hours looking for chests to try and get Allay’s, only to end up with one.

The other way is by building the Abundant Allays improvement. This one is much more reliable, as you can build it. You will need to build it at the Well of Fate, and it will only be available once you get Gold.

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