Minecraft Unveils Exciting Plans For An Upcoming Mobile Game

What we know, and what we can expect!

Fans of the longtime sandbox platformer Minecraft might be excited to hear that a mobile version of the game is finally in the works.

Mojang Studios has recently opened job listings for various positions, with general the job listing stating that they’re working on “expanding the universe”.

Here, we’re going to talk about these new developments and what exciting plans for an upcoming mobile Minecraft game are on the horizon.

Exciting Plans for an Upcoming Mobile Minecraft Game

Mojang is on the hunt to create a team to develop a new mobile game. It’s without a doubt that this new game is going to fit into the Minecraft universe. 

This isn’t the first time Mojang has created spinoffs of the original game. In 2020, Microsoft released Minecraft Dungeons, an exclusive game for Xbox, other console platforms, and PC. In 2023, they followed up with Minecraft Legends, another exclusive title for the same platforms.

Based on the listing, it looks like they plan to develop a game to be released for both iOS and Android with multiplayer features. This could mean that they’re developing a mobile-exclusive game. 

Fans have already begun to speculate about the nature of this new game. It appears that this new game could most likely be a card game.

Mojang has already published one that wasn’t Minecraft-related back in 2018 with moderate levels of success. Maybe now is the time to dive into the mobile space with a franchise they are more confident in.

A card game may be possible, but looking back at the job listing, they’re also looking for a Senior Lighting Artist. Specifically, one with experience in developing games for consoles with a familiarity with action and RPG games

This could be a sign that they’re working on separate things at once. But, interestingly, Mojang is hiring so many people at once.

Given this, there’s a lot of room to speculate on just what exactly Mojang is up to with the expansion of the Minecraft universe.

For what it’s worth if they’re just hiring people now, it means that the game is a long time coming. It’s possible that the final version may come in 2025 or beyond and has a long way to go.

For now, that’s all we know about this new game that Mojang is preparing a team for. A lot of this is purely speculation. However, it’s without a doubt that there’s solid evidence to back all of these assumptions up.

We’re sure that Mojang will release more exciting plans for the upcoming mobile Minecraft game in the future. So, keep a lookout for when they do.

If you have any questions or your theories, make sure to leave them in the comments below!

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