Modern Warfare 2: Unlock Crossbow via The “Path of the Ronin” Challenge

You can only fight the way you practice.

Fighting a fruitless battle can be tiring sometimes.

You go out into the field, 360 no-scope someone and come back home carrying the entire team on your back just to do it all over again. You’ve tried all the weapons you can to make things more interesting but nothing seems to fit.

Well, you’re in luck as there will be a new toy that you can take for a spin in the new “Path of the Ronin” challenge!

Go completely lawless towards your enemies and make them remember how bad it hurts to get hit with a high tension Crossbow.

Unlock Crossbow via The “Path of the Ronin” Challenge | Modern Warfare 2

The Path of The Ronin is officially out with Season 2 along with its many challenges, and with challenges come good rewards.

Here’s the list of challenges or virtues that you need to understand in order to unlock the crossbow.

If you already know the virtues of Bushido then it is clear that you will be doing at least 7 different challenges in order to unlock varying rewards.

So far the challenges include winning 15 matches in any multiplayer game mode, getting 100 objective kills while defending a target, and 50 operator kills using Battle Rage. All of that covers Integrity, Honor, and Sincerity respectively.

You can also do the challenges in Warzone 2 although they slightly differ from Modern Warfare 2.

The challenges include finishing 5 rounds while being in the top 10, collecting your own Dog Tag 5 times, and completing 5 assassination missions.

The remaining challenges are still not made public so unlocking the Crossbow will have to wait for a few more days. This just gives you enough time to hone your marksman skills and lay waste to anyone who dares to dishonor you.

Now go out there, become one with the Samurai, and shoot someone in the back!

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