Warzone 2: Best Lachmann Sub Loadout & Class Setup

Little gun in the big leagues.

In a game full of big guns, you sometimes don’t even bother with the little guns like the SMG’s or the pistols. Because why do you need small guns that do small damage, when you can get big guns that do a lot of damage? Well, that’s the most common mistake people make in Modern Warfare II (or any Call of Duty game, for that matter). The little guys are sometimes the best options, depending on your situation. But in this guide, we will show you the best loadout you can give your Lachmann Sub, and the class setup.

Best Lachmann Sub Loadout & Class Setup – Warzone 2

Take note that there are some attachments that are locked until you level up a specific gun. If you do not have the unlocked attachments yet, then I suggest you level up these guns first before you do anything else, as they are required for the Lachmann Sub modifications:

  • Lachmann Sub level 7, 9, and 15
  • Lachmann-762 level 11
  • P890 level 1

Lachmann Sub Loadout

The Lachmann Sub may be a little guy, but it has the potential to really mow down some bad guys really quickly. You will need the following mods to the gun in order to reach that potential:

  • Barrel: L38 Falcon 226MM (Unlocked after Lachmann Sub reaches level 7)
  • Underbarrel: Lockgrip Precision-40 (Unlocked after Lachmann Sub reaches level 9)
  • Stock: LM Stockless Mod (Unlocked after Lachmann Sub reaches level 15)
  • Rear Grip: Lachmann TCG-10 (Unlocked after Lachmann-762 reaches level 11)
  • Optic: SZ Mini (Unlocked after P890 reaches level 4)

Class Loadout

Now that we have our Lachmann Sub build ready, we now have to find the ideal Perk Package and the equipment to go along with it. Here, we have the best options:

Perk Package: Warden

  • Perk 1: Double Time
  • Perk 2: Strong Arm
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix


  • Lethal Equipment: Frag Grenade
  • Tactical Equipment: Stun Grenade

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Warzone 2: Best Lachmann-762 Loadout & Class Setup

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