Mortal Online 2 Developers Have A Game-Ready Patch To Fix Unexpected Crashes On Login Screen

Players kept on experiencing errors during launch, do developers have a plan to fix these errors?

Mortal Online 2 is finally out on Steam, and players are excited for the hundreds of skills you can learn in the game. However, some players cannot even launch the game at all, as they experience unexpected crashes when landing on the login screen.

The cries of the players did not go unheard, however, and the developers already have a patch ready for the game. This is later confirmed in an announcement.

We have a fix for the client crash people experience on login queue.

Henrik Nystorm, CEO, Star Vault AB

According to him, they plan to deploy this patch tomorrow, fixing any launch errors. Henrik also reported that “they made further work on the servers to improve performance.”  So, players can expect a better gaming experience in the servers.

Another issue with the game is the money progression on Haven compared to Myrland. Henrik Nystrom also addresses this issue stating that they “will do a change on Haven money progression so it doesn’t compete with Myrland”.

It is nice to see that the developers of Mortal Online 2 are looking at players’ feedback on the game. It’s great that the developers also immediately sprung into action when it comes to the bugs in game.

We can expect the patch to arrive by tomorrow, hopefully fixing any server issues that players experience in the game.

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