Mortal Online 2: How To Tame Animals

Having trouble with taming animals? Follow our guide to find out what you need to do!

It is extremely important to have a high level of ability or skills to be able to tame animals. The more abilities you have, the better you will be able to establish control over the animals.

How To Tame Animals Mortal Online 2

In the zoology tree ability, you have the primary abilities of animals and all sub-categories of animals.

  • Domestication and animal care are very important. Note that this is really important in order for you to keep the animal for longer distances.

To add, this reduces the level of the animals and makes them easier to breed.

  • Beast Influence is important to have control over the animal or to listen to your commands to attack.
  • Beast Mastery is an important enhancement to the attack of animals.
  • Creature Control is also good since you’re able to control multiple creatures.
  • One of the more useful capabilities is Inspect, this tells you what level the animal is in before you try to tame it.

Basically, you need to study your abilities before you get into taming.

So, now that we’re done with that, how do we tame an animal?

Open the skills window and use the taming option by dragging it to the hot bar. Then, hit the animal until it is brought down to only a slight level of health.

This is pretty simple and it works similar with other games where you need to tame animals. It reminds me of the method for catching pokemon in Pokemon.

Then, when you have finally tamed the animal, give it food to heal it. Give the animal meat if it is a carnivore, and vegetables if it is an herbivore.

Just a quick note, beware of large animals as they are very difficult to tame, such as the bear.

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