Multiverse Defenders: All Abilities Guide & How to Get Them (Update 1.5)

How do you acquire these new abilities in the game?

The latest update 1.5 of Multiverse Defenders just came out, and it added a bunch of new content, including abilities. These are fairly powerful tools that you can use in a pinch, but they definitely won’t be replacing units if you were wondering that. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get these and what each of them can do!

All Abilities Guide & How to Get Them (Update 1.5)

Just to keep it simple, you can get every single ability in the game by going inside the building labeled Summon in the hub area. Inside, you will find the Ability Spin wheel in one corner.

Basically, you will need to earn tickets from daily quests in order to spin the wheel. There are currently six abilities in the game, and these are their rates:

  • Meteorite – 32.5% chance
  • Tornado – 32.5% chance
  • Conflagration – 20% chance
  • Thunder – 10% chance
  • Snow Storm – 4.5% chance
  • Blackhole – 0.5% chance

As you can see, getting some of the rarest abilities will take quite a bit of luck. Because of this, you should get ready to start grinding those daily quests every day!

Multiverse Defenders ability spin wheel showing all of the possible drops


Once you equip an ability, it will show up under your screen with the hotkey F. By pressing this button, you will immediately cast your ability and put it on a fairly lengthy cooldown.

As the name implies, the ability will summon a large meteorite that will hit the ground beside you and deal a decent amount of area of effect damage. Great for finishing off stragglers if needed.

Multiverse Defenders casting the meteorite ability


The next common ability from the wheel is Tornado. Again, as the name implies, it simply spawns a large green tornado on top of your character.

This will constantly deal damage in a relatively large area until the ability wears off. It is a decent source of continuous damage, though don’t expect it to hit too hard.

Multiverse Defenders casting the tornado ability


Conflagration works just like tornado, except it summons a pillar of fire instead of wind. The main difference from the previous ability is that it will leave affected targets burning for several seconds.

Multiverse Defenders casting the conflagration ability


The Thunder ability is the first one that has some real utility. In addition to striking enemies in an area in front of you, it will also temporarily stun affected targets for a few seconds.

This can come in clutch when you have tanky enemies that somehow make it past your defenses. Using the ability can buy you a bit of time to deal with them.

Multiverse Defenders casting the thunder ability

Snow Storm

Using the Snow Storm ability will form a blue circle around your character that will constantly deal damage to nearby enemies and slow them.

In addition to that, it also gives them a +10% damage debuff for several seconds even after the ability wears off. This can be great for dealing with strong targets before they leak.

Multiverse Defenders casting the snow storm ability


Finally, the rarest ability in the game right now is also seemingly the most powerful one. Blackhole will make your character shoot a projectile that will then form a… you guessed it, a blackhole!

In addition to dealing a ton of damage in a large area, it will also slow anything caught in range. This is a hard-hitting ability that can easily carry you through the early game without even using units.

Multiverse Defenders casting and landing the blackhole ability

And those are all of the abilities in the game right now. It is very likely that they will add more in the future, but for now, these six are your possible choices! If you are still pretty new to the game, check out our guide on how to level up fast in Multiverse Defenders!


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