Multiverse Defenders: Complete Beginner’s Guide

The multiverse needs you!

You get to command a whole legion of commanders that have been summoned from the most iconic anime out there in Multiverse Defenders.

With so many characters of differing Rarities and capabilities available, you can choose and work towards which one you want. 

You can participate in all sorts of content with the team you have obtained. For a new player, the game can feel a bit overwhelming.

As a result, we have prepared a beginner’s guide, which will enable you to get a strong foothold in the game. Let’s dive in!

Complete Beginner’s Guide

You can enjoy all sorts of content when playing Multiverse Defenders. However, we will only really be discussing the basics that will help you get a good solid grip of the game. In this way, you can progress through the rest with ease.

Starting Off & Codes

We recommend that you immediately go and Redeem Codes when you spawn into the game. These Codes will give you a ton of Gems that will play a huge role in getting some amazing units right off the bat. 

Here are the Codes shown below, which are active at this point of writing:

  • RELEASE – 2000 Gems
  • CHRISTMAS – 2000 Gems
  • CHRISTMAS2 – 3000 Gems
  • 1KACTIVE – 5000 Gems.
Code NPC in Multiverse Defenders.

After that, you will want to familiarize yourself with the Menu on the right side of the screen. It consists of all the activities you can do in the game. Clicking on them will automatically teleport you to the designated area.

Menu options in Multiverse Defenders.

Summoning & Managing Units

Your next goal will be to Summon the best units. However, Summoning Units will cost Gems. Luckily, you should be able to get loads of them from the Codes we mentioned in the guide. 

You can actually be guaranteed Mythic Units in the beginning, by taking advantage of the Pity System.

When you Summon units, your Pity meter will rise. If you did not get lucky, you will be guaranteed a Mythic once the Pity meter is full.

In this way, you can get whichever Mythic Unit you want to get your hands on.

Summon Menu with Pity System in Multiverse Defenders.

Once you have gotten some great units, you want to make sure that you Lock them. Otherwise, you might end up accidentally Fusing them, which will be a huge waste.

You can lock any units you want to preserve, and then Fuse the rest without worry.

Locking Units in Multiverse Defenders.

Completing Quests & Earning Gems

You will notice the Quest icon on the right-side menu as well. You can use it to access Daily Tasks and Quests that you can complete in exchange for gems.

These quests are actually not very difficult to grind and will enable you to get Gems you need for further units. We highly suggest you check on them Daily and prioritize them.

Quests Menu in Multiverse Defenders.

Additionally, we also suggest checking out Event Shops, if there are any Events going on. Here, you can find additional Quests and Tasks that you can use to get rewards related to the event.

Here is an example which showcases rewards you can get specific to the Christmas event.

Christmas Shop Quests in Multiverse Defenders.

Additionally, you really want to check out Events with timers, as shown with the Christmas Event below. You can use them to get some great rewards that will help you level up.

You want to be there when the timer runs out, as the rewards you get can really help you out early on to progress in the game.

Christmas Event Timer in Multiverse Defenders.

Starting The Story

Once you’re done with your Quests, you can start with the Story. Start by clicking the Story icon on the right-side menu.

It will take you to an area with a portal. Walk to the area indicated below to go into the Story Menu.

Going to story area in Multiverse Defenders.

Here you can select any World that catches your fancy, inspired by various anime. Additionally, you can also choose an Act, and you will be rewarded with Gems for completing them.

You get to play the Story in a wide variety of Worlds, enabling you to test out your team of units.

Additionally, more Worlds and Acts will be added to the game, so you have lots of content to look forward to!

Selecting World and Act in Multiverse Defenders.

Accessing AFK

You can also AFK farm in the game, indicated at the location below near the spawn point. We highly recommend you take advantage of this when you are done playing the game.

You can get all sorts of Rewards, like Gems, when you are not playing the game. If you have a VIP Pass, you can get further rewards from AFKing, although it will cost Robux.

Either way, the additional gems will certainly help you get more Summons.

Going to AFK area in Multiverse Defenders.

That’s everything you need to know about the Beginner’s Guide for Multiverse Defenders. With the tips and basics we have explained, you should be able to get a good grip of the game.

Plenty of more content will be making its way to the game, and you will be able to take full advantage of it once you get used to the game.

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