Pilgrammed: All Arcade Multipliers Guide

It’s going to be challenging.

There are a couple of events that you can do in Pilgrammed, and these events give you multipliers. Multipliers are a point-gaining mechanic found in The Big Iron, Sky Battlegrounds, and The Evil Army.

The players can earn multipliers at the conclusion of a challenge segment by completing specific objectives, such as dealing the majority of the damage to opponents or never taking damage during a fight.

Players can earn more than one bonus after a wave or battle, and each multiplier increases point gain by a percentage rather than a flat number. In this guide, we are going to talk about where and how to gain all arcade multipliers in Pilgrammed.

All Arcade Multipliers

There are a lot of multipliers you can gain by completing challenges in the game. There are the ones that you can get in any event, and there are the ones that you can only get from participating in The Big Iron, Sky Battlegrounds, or The Evil Army.

Let’s take a look at each challenge, and see what you need to do to beat it.

All Events

  • Parryless: Obtained by not parrying any enemy attacks. Depending on the wave difficulty, it increases point gain by up to 30%.
  • MVP: Achieved by doing the most total damage to enemies. Increases point gain by 10%.
  • Unmoving Stone: You can get this by not moving too much in an event. This means that you can move, but you should move just a little bit to get it.
    • Point Gain: Big Iron 15%, Evil Army 40%, Sky Battlegrounds 10%.
  • Challenge Medal: Reached by completing a wave with the Challenge Medal equipped. Increases point gain by 75%.
  • Last Legs: You can get this by surviving a fight with a low amount of health. Increases point gain by 20%.
  • No Damage: Reached by finishing a wave without taking any damage. It increases point gain by up to 50%, depending on how many waves the player has completed without taking damage consecutively.
  • Rapid Dispatch: You can get this by clearing the wave really quickly. Increases point gain by 15%.
  • One Fell Swoop: You can obtain this by hitting all enemies with a single heavy attack. It boosts point gains by 15%.
Getting multipliers in All Events in Pilgrammed.

The Big Iron

There is only one multiplier that is exclusive to the Big Iron.

  • Mondo: You can get this by killing a Mondo boss in Big Iron. It increases the point gain by 300%.
Getting multipliers in The Big Iron in Pilgrammed.

The Evil Army

Once again, The Evil Army has only one multiplier as well.

  • VIP King: You can get this one by taking little to no damage from VIP King in The Evil Army. It increases the point gain by 20%.
Getting multipliers in Evil Army in Pilgrammed.

Sky Battlegrounds

  • Difficulty Bonus: Clear a wave in Advanced or Expert Mode to achieve it. Increases point gain by 100% in advanced mode and by 200% in expert mode.
  • Wave: You can achieve wave multipliers by clearing waves. In order to get them, clear:
    • 5th Wave: Achieved by clearing a wave with a wave number that is a multiple of five. Gives +1 point.
    • 10th Wave: Clear a wave with a wave number multiple of ten. +1 Point.
    • 20th Wave: You will get +1 point for every 20 waves you clear.
  • Boss: Defeat a boss to get this. Increases point gain by 50% per boss defeated.
  • Trait: You can get this by defeating an enemy with a special trait. Increases point gain by 10% for each trait on the enemies in a wave.
Getting multipliers in Sky Battlegrounds in Pilgrammed.

These are all arcade multipliers you can get in Pilgrammed at the moment! If you are looking for more information about this game, feel free to check out our guide on its Official Trello of Pilgrammed.


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