My Hero Ultra Rumble: Does It Have Crossplay?

Play on different platforms?

The long-awaited battle royale game My Hero Ultra Rumble, which lets players compete against other players as either a hero or a villain, has finally launched on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Whether the game would support cross-platform play was one of the most frequently asked questions following its release. In this guide, we are going to answer the question: Does My Hero Ultra Rumbe have crossplay? Unfortunately, the answer might not satisfy you.

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Does My Hero Ultra Rumble Have Crossplay?

These days, the crossplay option has become an essential component of every multiplayer game. Cross-platform essentially lets users connect with other players using various platforms. For this reason, it is quite possible to see this feature in many multiplayer games out there.

Sadly, this is not the case for My Hero Ultra Rumble. The game is still fairly new, and the crossplay option might be added to the game with future updates. However, you cannot play it with your friends who use different platforms at the moment.

My Hero Ultra Rumble Does It Have Crossplay?

In short, My Hero Ultra Rumble does not have a crossplay option right now. Nonetheless, based on player feedback, it may be included in the game in future versions.

However, the creators of the game did not mention anything about adding the crossplay option to the game yet.

My Hero Ultra Rumble Does It Have Crossplay?

Now you have the answer to My Hero Ultra Rumble: Does It Have Crossplay? We sincerely hope that the game creators will decide to take player feedback into consideration and eventually include the crossplay feature. For now, you have to stick with people who are using the same platform as you.

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