Myth Of Empires: Beginner’s Guide | Tips & Tricks

Get a head start in Myth of Empires!

There is a lot to do in Myth of Empires, where you can rebuild your own empire however you want. As a sandbox game, you have a lot of freedom on how you can survive the era of a fallen empire. This guide will give you tips and tricks on how to begin your journey in Myth of Empires. 

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

When you get to level 16, you need to transfer to the PvP server immediately. If you wish to play in that game mode. The sooner you get inside the PvP server, the more loot and items you can get for yourself. 

You can maximize your damage by taking advantage of your Momentum. For example, while you are riding a horse and charging towards an enemy. Try swinging your polearm, you will deal more damage compared to hitting the enemy while standing on the ground. 

A good way to get copper coins early on is to sell items in your Banner because it resets daily. You should also buy the XP Blessings daily because this can increase the amount of XP you can earn. This will get you to level up quickly. 

For this next tip, you need to unlock the Mining hut first and place the Mining hut near an area with a lot of resources. 

You can now assign a worker or subordinate to mine in that shaft for you and you can get a steady resource of ore and items from the mining hut. 

The worker will need food but you can get around 600 ores for leaving it overnight. If you see a bandit on the field, you can knock them out and tie them up. 

You have the option to hit them for extra XP for your weapons, just be sure to feed them so they can heal after getting damaged. 

You should also move your expertise points around on the skills you want to focus on, even if you only intend to level it up for a few days. 

The range skill can also be improved by shooting at nothing. You do not need to hit a target to improve your range skill. 

Always use benches when you are crafting to get extra character XP. If you are playing on the PVP server, you should also try joining the biggest guild you can to improve your chances of surviving. 

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