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Solar Ash: Ames’ Quest Guide | Crust Station Vacation Trophy

Complete the Ames’ Quest!

The Ames Quest is a quest that automatically activates as you go to Mirrorsea. There are various parts in the quest and you can complete all of them by exploring the Mirrorsea. This guide will show you how you can complete the Ames quest and get the Crust Station Vacation Trophy. 

Ames first appearance

As you enter Mirrorsea, Ames will talk to you and the quest will automatically begin. Climb Ames’ ship by traversing the ruins in the sky. You will meet Ames by the Steering Wheel. You need to find and locate all the Away Teams to complete the questline. 

Away Team Locations

After talking to Ames, slide down off his ship and keep going until you need to hit the purple mushroom. Hit it and slide up until you reach the toxic waterfall. Keep following the purple tracks as you circle around the mountain. 

Go to the area near the Steel Pipe and climb up the mountain until you reach a harbor near the Toxic lake. You will find the field report of the first Away team here. 

From the 1st away team location, climb up and follow the pipe which will you boost up the stone walls. Go towards the huge coliseum-like structure and turn left, you will see the 2nd away team near the ruins next to the toxic waterfall.

Cross the toxic lake and go back to the coliseum area. Go to the right this time and glide through the blue fog. You need to cross the lake to the south and climb the black goo on the toxic waterfall. 

Keep following the black goo and red platforms until you reach the red ruins on top of the mountain. The 3rd Team member is in the middle of the ruin.

Go down the mountain and use the purple mushroom to bring you to the black goo on the other side of the mountain. This will lead you up and you will see stone pillars surrounding the area. 

Keep going up until you get to the top, where it is surrounded by stone pillars. You can find the 4th team member is on the stone platform. 

Final Hideout

Go back to the coliseum area from before and circle around it until you see the hole leading to the underground. Keep following the cavern pathway until you reach the end of the vault and see Ames. This will complete the questline and unlock the Crust Station Vacation Trophy.

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