Need More Awake: Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

You can’t sleep!!

It’s Sunday, and all you want to do is play your favorite game all day long, and even at night! In Need More Awake, you should try your best to convince your dad to let you stay awake for more time. Do you have what it takes to earn your awake time? Let’s see what you are going to need to do to achieve all the endings in the game!

Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

The game will begin with you waking up at 8 A.M. It is Sunday morning, and you are very excited to play the event on your favorite game. You start by leaving your room and talking to your father. After you tell him that you completed your homework yesterday, he lets you play the game on television.

Beginning of Need More Awake.

Turn on the TV

Leave your father’s room and go to the living room to find the television. After you do that, go to the fridge and get some snacks to eat. Once you are completely ready, you can sit on the couch and start playing your game!

Playing games on television in Need More Awake.

A couple of hours will pass, and the clock will hit 4 P.M. Then, your father will come and tell you that you need to head to bed. He wants you to go to sleep because, even though it is not actually night yet, you have school tomorrow.

At this point, you should start doing everything you can to earn more awake time!

Asking dad to let you stay awake in Need More Awake.

Pick Up Your Toys (7)

Being a good child is one of the best solutions to easing an angry parent. So, go to your room and start picking up all your toys to show your father that you deserve to stay awake more and play games.

Go to your room to find the toys. You can find all of them near your dresser. Once you pick up all seven toys, the objective will be completed.

Picking up your toys in Need More Awake.

Wash the Dishes (10)

After you pick up all the toys, your father will let you stay awake for 10 more minutes. However, it is definitely not enough time to play your game! You ask him what else you can do, and he will tell you to wash the dishes.

Go to the kitchen and start washing all 10 dishes by the sink.

Washing the dishes in Need More Awake.

Take Out the Trash

Next, you are going to need to take out the trash. Go to the trash bin in the kitchen, pick up the trash, and leave the house. Turn left to see the trash bin outside.

Water the Plants (8)

Now, your father lets you stay awake for 45 minutes. But it is still not enough!! Ask your father what else you can do, and he is going to tell you to water the plants. There are eight plants you should find and water. You do not have to get a water-can, it will magically appear in your hands.

  • Your Father’s Room (2): You can find two plants in your father’s room. They are located on both sides of his bed.
  • Your Room (1): There is one plant right next to your dresser.
  • Living Room (2): Here, you are going to find two plants. One is next to the television, and the other one is located close to the kitchen counter.
  • Garage (1): There is one plant located on the left corner. There is another plant on the shelf, but you cannot water that one, so it is not one of the plants you need to find.
  • Bathroom (1): You can find the plant next to the sink there.
  • Corridor (1): The last plant is located in the corridor between your room and your father’s room. You can find it right next to the donation board.
Watering the plants in Need More Awake.

Wash the Car

Now, you need to go to the garage and wash your father’s car. In order to do this, turn on the hose right in front of the garage, pick it up, and start washing the car.

Washing the car in Need More Awake.

Run So Fast to Go Back in Time

Now that you have washed the car, you ask your father how much time you earned once more. Unfortunately, he only lets you stay awake for 1 hour and 30 minutes, and there are no chores left for you as well. Thus, you do not have any other chance than to run back in time.

In order to do this, leave the house, and you are going to see an option to Run so Fast. After pressing E a couple of times, you will run very fast and go back in time.

Going back in time in Need More Awake.

How To Get All Endings

There are only two endings you can achieve in Need More Awake for the time being. You can either get a good ending or a bad ending. Let’s see how you are going to get them.

Good Ending

After you start running back in time, you are going to find yourself in front of your dad. He will say that you need to go to sleep, but he will let you play your game once you tell him it is only 8 A.M.

Good ending in Need More Awake.

Now, you can finally go to the living room and play your game! However, you hear a noise and want to check it out before that. In order to check out the noise, leave the house, and you are going to see a dinosaur standing next to your house. The dinosaur will eat your house, and you will get a good ending..?

You were not able to play your game… but at least you did not go to sleep. So it is fine anyway!

Dinosaur eating the house in Need More Awake.

Bad Ending

When you need to complete the objective that requires you to pick up your toys, you can decide to get the bad ending instead.

If you do not want to continue doing all the chores in the house to play your favorite game, do not pick up your toys. Walk up to your bed and simply go to sleep. This way, the night will end, and you are going to get a bad ending.

Bad ending in Need More Awake.

This is how you are going to complete Need More Awake and achieve all the endings! Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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