Where to Farm Elemental Aversion Gear in New World

Search high and low!

Whenever you play games like New World and there’s nothing special going around you just tend to do your dailies or go to an isolated part of the map where you do your rain dances in peace.

But every now and then there would always be a specific set of gear that manages to pique your interest like the Elemental Aversion set! Some players struggle to get their hands on some of the pieces but not you!

Why? Because you know that you’ll be reading this guide to find out more, that’s why!

New World | Where to Farm Elemental Aversion Gear

Most of the pieces of gear that you can farm like Elemental Aversion DO NOT have Resilient, however, you can opt to slot one piece and run with at least 4 pieces of resilience and still do fine after the update.

Or, you can use one of the farmable pieces as a temporary fix until you obtain a better piece

Most of the gear you’re looking for can be obtainable through expeditions as well.

Joyful Gloves

The first piece of gear you’ll be looking for is the Joyful Gloves, these are light gloves with focus and come with elemental aversion, freedom, and refresh. These can be found in a mob called Ophois the Joyful, which you can find in the middle of Brimstone Sands right below Heliopolis.

Walk around the waypoint Atum’s Way and you’ll find Ophois right above that, he’s a level 66 elite monster and drops frozen hope along with the Joyful Gloves.

Charioteer’s Boots

The Charioteer’s Boots are heavy boots with the constitution, elemental aversion, shirking fortification, and refreshing.

These can also be farmed at Brimstone Sands from Dawn’s Chariot Khepri, the scarab boss that spawns at the arena north of Heliopolis. Along with the boots, you’ll also get Smelter’s Headgear, Sunrise Spear, and Duskrunners.

The last three can be found at Brimstone Sands as well, these however come from the Grave Offerings & Ancient Offerings within the zone.

These are special chests that you can find around the area. The first piece you’ll get will be Shadowed Hands, these are medium gloves with focus, resilience, elemental aversion, and refreshing.

The next piece is the Protective Cowl, a light headpiece with intelligence, elemental aversion, resilient, and invigorated. Another good piece of headwear. And the last piece is the Gossamer scorpion Egg Robe, shirking fortification is definitely not ideal for this piece so you can replace this as soon as you find a better replacement.

And that’s where you can find all pieces of legendary gear with elemental aversion. Let’s hope you like sand surfing as a pastime activity!

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