Need More Heat: All 14 Phone Calls

They’re optional, but why the heck not?

Gameplay screenshot of Phone in Need More Heat.

Need More Heat is a silly and short Roblox game where you have to raise your temperature in order to convince your strict father that you’re sick and have to skip school for the day.

The game is fairly linear, but it also has multiple endings that you can get. But that’s not all, as there are also some easter eggs that you can discover, such as the various numbers that you can call. In this guide, we’ll go through most of the numbers you can dial on the phone!

All 14 Phone Calls

Before we begin, check out our guide on how to get all of the endings, as you will need to follow some of the steps there first before you can start using the phone.

While playing through the game normally, you will eventually get the objective to “Find something helpful on TV”. Once this happens, don’t proceed to the next step towards the ending yet, as this is the moment when you can do fun stuff with the phone.

When you first turn on the TV, you’re going to see random commercials that sometimes have numbers that you can call on the phone to the left.

Call #1

For the first one, immediately after turning on the television, you’ll get an ad for electric fans. If you walk over to the phone and dial 532-674, a cutscene will start to play.

Basically, the fan delivery guy will drive towards a path of certain death. Obviously, this won’t really help you with your objective, but it is pretty funny!

Need More Heat fan delivery

Call #2

If you change the channel once more, you’ll see an ad for ice deliveries. To order some for yourself, go to the phone and dial 391-847.

What follows is a fairly long cutscene where the delivery guy will come on over with a block of ice. Unfortunately, it’s way too hot in the area, and the ice melts almost immediately after his arrival.

Need More Heat ice delivery

Call #3

Next up, when you change the channel again, you’ll see an ad for the local fire department. By dialing 911-119 on the phone, a fire truck will immediately burst into the scene.

Unfortunately for you, they aren’t really interested in doing anything about all the fire in the area. Instead, they’ll just rescue a cat stuck in a nearby tree and call it a day.

Need More Heat firefighter

Call #4

In the next channel, you’ll get an ad for a school bus service. Simply walk on over to the phone and dial 875-137 to hail a bus.

Well, that’s what would have happened if it was a legitimate service. It turns out to be a prank, and a bus will never show up after the call.

Need More Heat prank call

Call #5

Next up is the first of the few numbers that you can call that aren’t shown on TV. If you dial 111-111, the phone will ring a few times and somebody will eventually pick up.

A short voice line will play out telling you that you have the wrong number, and the person on the other line will just hang up.

Need More Heat 111-111

Call #6

After that, you can try calling the number 222-222. A rather posh-sounding man will pick up the phone and claim that they don’t know you before thanking you for your time and hanging up.

Need More Heat call #6

Call #7

Next up, by dialing 333-333, you’ll be calling a woman who seems to be really annoyed by telemarketers. Thinking that you’re one of them, she’ll call you a few expletives and just hang up the phone.

Need More Heat call #7

Call #8

The next number you can try calling is 555-555. This is the number for the fictional fast food joint called McGonald’s. After telling you that the ice cream machine is broken, the person on the other line will end the call.

Need More Heat call #8

Call #9

Next up, you can try dialing the number 666-666. Although you may expect something rather hellish to pick up the phone, it’s just going to be some person saying that your computer has a virus. Your character will immediately put the phone down afterwards.

Need More Heat call #9

Call #10

The next number you can try calling is 777-777. Once the person on the other line picks up the phone, they’ll call you the president and almost reveal top secret information before realizing their mistake and hanging up.

Need More Heat call #10

Call #11

If you try calling the number 888-888, you’ll get a seemingly normal person on the other line, but their voice will quickly shift into something creepy, and your character will hang up after getting visibly spooked.

Need More Heat call #11 reaction face

Call #12

The number 999-999 will put you in touch with a supposed “comedy hotline” that will try to make you laugh by playing what they claim to be the funniest sound in the world.

Need More Heat call #12

Call #13

Finally, you can try to call the number 444-444. This turns out to be the school’s number, and your character will hang up shortly after realizing what they’ve just done.

Need More Heat call #13 reaction face

Call #14

If you want to proceed with the next part of the game and finish the current objective, you must change the channel until you get the dragon advertisement.

There, you’ll see the number 321-456 on the television. Simply dial this number on the phone and you’ll get a short cutscene where a dragon will fly over and breathe fire on your house.

Need More Heat dragon

And that’s pretty much it for all of the phone calls that you can make in Need More Heat. Most of these are completely optional and don’t really affect the story, but they do add a few more minutes worth of content to an otherwise relatively short game!

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