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Fatality. Flawless Victory.

Need More Heat is a fun Roblox game that you can play for a couple of hours and get some enjoyment out of it. But if you’re just like some people, then you are probably waiting for the developers to add something new to the game.

Well, you’re in luck! Need More Heat has received a new update that adds 2 new endings to the game, and boy are they depressing.

One of them is the Fatal Ending, and you may be curious as to how you can get it. In this guide, I will show you how you can get the Fatal Ending in Need More Heat.

How To Get Fatal Ending

Just like the Fatal Ending, you will have to play through the entire game until you get the objective to turn on the stove in the kitchen and all of the faucets in the house to get hot water.

As you are turning on the water faucet in the bathroom, jump onto the sink and stand in front of the mirror. You will then get a prompt to look deep into the mirror.

Holding the prompt will cause the son to start seeing himself turn into his father, which drives the son insane until he eventually breaks the mirror and himself.

With the son now crazy, you are now at the start of the Fatal Ending.

Looking at your reflection in the mirror to go insane in Need More Heat.

In a fit of insanity, the son wants to kill his father for not allowing him to stay at home. But he needs to keep him trapped inside the house, otherwise he will escape.

To keep the father in the house, you will have to break the table that is found in the kitchen. With the kitchen table destroyed, you now have planks to use and barricade the exits in the house.

Breaking the kitchen table to get planks to barricade the exits in Need More Heat.

Grab the planks and use them to block all exits in the house. That includes doors and windows that are scattered all over different rooms in the house. Here are the locations and exits in the house you can go to and barricade with the planks:

  • Living Room (Windows)
  • Kitchen (Windows)
  • Kitchen (Garage Door)
  • Son’s Bedroom (Window)
  • Father’s Bedroom (Window)
Barricading the windows and other exits with planks in Need More Heat.

Now that all of the exits have been blocked, preventing any chances of your father escaping, you can now proceed with killing him. To do that, you will need a weapon.

Go back to where you broke the table and look down. You will find a fork on the ground that you can use to stab your father. With the fork in hand, head to your father’s bedroom for the last time.

Grabbing the fork to stab your father in Need More Heat.

Your father will have his back turned to you when you enter. Use that to your advantage and stab him. This will cause the father to back away in fear, shock, and pain.

You can then approach him and stab him again, this time causing him to flee for his life. You won’t have to worry about him escaping, so you can follow him slowly like you’re Michael Myers.

Approaching your wounded father to stab him more in Need More Heat.

After following your father and stabbing him for a while, he will then resort to hiding in the closet of your bedroom.

Go inside the bedroom and open the closet door. You will then have the prompt to finish him off by getting ready to throw the fork at his head.

Finding your father in the closet in Need More Heat.

Here’s where you will get the opportunity to get the Insanity Ending or Fatal Ending. The Insanity Ending requires throwing the fork at his head and kill him.

But if you don’t press the prompt and not do anything, the prompt will disappear after a few seconds and instead, your father kills you.

You then get the Fatal Ending, which is the last new ending of the game!

Not killing your father at the last second in the Fatal Ending in Need More Heat.

That’s all you need to know on how to get the Insanity Ending in Need More Heat. Did this guide help you get the brand new ending? Let us know in the comments below.

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