Roblox BEAR*: Betrayal Badge Guide (Free-Smiley-Faces)

How do you get the other event badge for this game?

A recent update to the survival horror game BEAR* involves a tie-in Roblox experience called Free-Smiley-Faces and completing it will grant you certain rewards in the former.

In this guide, we’ll quickly go through the steps required to get the Betrayal badge, which requires you to do a few optional objectives.

Betrayal Badge Guide

Completing the Free-Smiley-Faces game in a certain manner will reward you with the Smiley Dealer skin in BEAR*.

If you haven’t yet, check out our guide for the Reality badge first, as the method will be exactly the same, minus a couple of optional and randomized steps at the beginning.

First Zone

When you first start Free-Smiley-Faces, immediately after spawning, turn around and run forward until you find a tree with an apple on it.

NOTE: You’ll need the On Badge in order to get the “Betrayal” badge, so make sure to check out our guide for that in case you still don’t have it.

Shake the tree until the apple falls down, then pick it up. Turn around once more and keep walking forward until you reach the little shack labeled “evileyes.jpeg

After giving the entity inside an apple, they will hand you a golden key. You will need this for later.

Now, search for the gray key, which can spawn in a random location in the town. It can be either outside or hidden in one of the many houses.

The Maze

Next, head over to the house labeled “negativejimbhouse.jimb”, which will have a sad looking NPC standing in front of it.

Go inside and use the key on the locked door, then proceed down the stairs until you find yourself in a maze with an exit sign at the starting point.

Here, you will have to find and pull three purple levers that will spawn in random locations. If you already have the Reality badge, these levers will be in new spots.

After that, find the small black entity behind the gate that the levers opened. There will be a brief jumpscare, so turn your volume down a bit!

The Deadly Ball

Head on over back to the entrance and go back up the stairs. Upon leaving the house, a cutscene will play.

Wait for a few seconds before going back outside, then immediately hide in a nearby bush. Once the ball is far away from you, start looking for four binary codes.

Again, if you already did the Reality badge, the code will be entirely new. These can appear both in and out of the houses, so search around until you find four of them.

With all four codes on hand, find the machine with a keyboard and numbers on it in front of the giant folder icon. There will be a guide taped to its side.

Use this guide to determine what the numbers on the fake Notepad screen on the upper left hand side of your screen are. Match the codes’ colors with the dots on the machine.

You will notice that there are only four codes. The fifth number of the combination will be something that you have to guess, though this should only take a few seconds to figure out.

After that, another cutscene will play out, and the deadly ball creature will vanish. Instead of proceeding to the next level like you did with the previous badge, find the cage with the “desmile.jimb” label over it.

Use the gold key to open it and free the prisoner inside. After that, simply go back to the machine and interact with the floating folder icon.

The Rest Of The Experience

Upon freeing the prisoner, the optional mission is complete, and the rest of the experience plays out the exact same way as the Reality badge. Check out the guide linked earlier for the remaining steps.

Basically, you just go through the obstacle course as you normally would, and then solve one more brief puzzle before fighting the final boss.

After beating the boss, a different cutscene will play once you try to trigger the ending. Instead of escaping the experience, the prisoner you freed from earlier will kick you aside and leave in your place.

And that is pretty much how you get the other badge in Free-Smiley-Faces, which unlocks the Smiley Dealer skin for BEAR*. Just like the other unlock, this is only supposedly available for a limited time, so get out there and get both of them while you can!

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