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This is way too much money for a single game!

Need More Money is a short Roblox experience that follows the growing trend of games where you have to appease a very strict relative for various reasons. In this entry, you have to get way too much money for your big brother so that you can convince him to buy you the brand new video game that just came out!

Complete Guide & Good Ending | Roblox

At the start of the game, your character will get up out of bed and talk about the new installment of GTA being released (not in real life, unfortunately), but you’re too young to buy it, so you need your brother’s help.

Your first objective will be to simply exit your room and enter the one right across it to talk to your brother.

Need More Money brother

He’s going to tell you that you need to pay him more than a single dollar for his services. Go back to your room and pick up the wad of cash on the desk and under the wardrobe.

You can also find a dollar on the toilet and the bathtub, though we have absolutely no idea why you would leave your money there.

Need More Money bathroom

Now that you have five dollars on hand, go back to your brother and see if that will convince him. Spoiler alert, it won’t, so now you’ll have to find money elsewhere in the house.

Need More Money brother 2

Searching the House for Money

After leaving your brother’s room, walk straight into the living room and start your search for five more bills scattered throughout your home. Basically, just check the following locations:

  • The table right in front of your mother, who is sitting on the couch.
  • The dining table right in front of the kitchen.
  • On top of the kitchen counter, right beside the stove.
  • Right beside the fireplace.
  • On the shelf in the garage, which can be found through the door right beside the fireplace.

Now, you have a total of ten dollars. Go back to your brother and see if that is enough to get him to buy the game for you. It obviously won’t be, but it’s worth a shot anyway.

Need More Money brother 3

Breaking Your Piggy Bank

In a desperate attempt to get more money, return to your room and break the piggy bank on top of your desk.

This will get you even more money, but it still won’t be enough for your brother, who will still tell you that this is not enough.

Need More Money smashing piggy bank

Asking Mom

Next, you will have to run back to the living room and talk to your mom. Your character will lie to her about needing $10 to buy school books, and she will gladly give you that amount.

Unfortunately, your brother is getting really greedy, and he will still say that he needs more money before you can convince him.

Need More Money mother

Selling Flowers Outside

Your next idea will be to sell flowers outside. Simply go out of the house and start picking up flowers from the ground all around your yard.

Once you have collected 12 of these, go across the road and speak with the vendor under the booth that says “buying flowers”.

This will get you another $10, but it shouldn’t be a surprise at this point if we told you that this will not be enough for your brother.

Need More Money flower stand

Chopping Down Trees

Things start to get incredibly silly when your next idea is to chop trees. Go back to the garage and grab the axe on the shelf.

With the axe on hand, you can start chopping any of the trees outside. Each time you cut down a tree, you have to go to the booth that says “buying logs” to free up your hands for another log.

Do this five times and you will be tasked with returning to your brother. This is still not going to be enough money, unfortunately, so now you have to get a little more extreme.

Need More Money log stand

Robbing People

Your character’s next bright idea is to start stealing from people outside. Simply walk out of the house and start approaching the people who will constantly be walking through the sidewalk.

After interacting with a person, they will drop money on the ground and run away from you. Do this six times before returning to your brother.

Despite your efforts, this will still not be enough for him, which is incredibly unfair at this point as you already have enough to buy the game yourself!

Need More Money robbing NPCs

Selling Mom’s Car

Next up, you will have to sell mom’s car. You might think that you have to go to the garage for this one, but you don’t actually have to get in the car.

Instead, go across the street from the house and talk to the guy at the booth that says “buying cars”. This will get you a huge boost that will surely convince your brother.

Well, you’d be wrong, because he still wants more. You’ll need divine intervention for the next one, cause how else are you going to get that much money?

Need More Money car stand

Praying to the Gods

Go to the swimming pool beside your house and interact with it. Your character will kneel down and pray to the God of Money.

He will appear beside the pool and fill it up with cash, which amounts to a whopping $10,000! Unfortunately for you, that’s still too little for your big brother.

Need More Money pool full of money

Robbing a Store

Your brother will straight up tell you to just rob a store, so go outside of the house and follow the road into the huge store that is aptly named “This is a Shop”.

After talking to the shopkeeper, he’ll tell you that they don’t actually have any money as they have just opened. Take the baseball bat beside him and smash the ATM right beside the entrance for cash.

Need More Money ATM outside shop

Selling the House

Since you still need more money, go outside and walk across the street to talk to the vendor under the “buying houses” booth.

Surely this is enough money for your brother, right? Wrong. We’re going to have to go through even greater lengths to please him.

Need More Money house stand

Selling the Earth?!

Now that you have no house, your only choice is to sell the entire planet to aliens. Get on top of the walkway leading out into the street and a cutscene will play out.

Basically, your character will do something extreme to get the attention of aliens, who will offer to buy the Earth for one trillion dollars.

Need More Money standing in the middle of former house

Once the deal has been made, go back to your brother one last time and he’ll finally agree to help you. With that, you’ll get the Good Ending, or at least we think it is, since aliens now own the planet.

Need More Money good ending screen

New Bad Ending

A new bad ending has recently been added in Need More Money. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you, but if you’re interest in knowing how to get it, make sure to check out our dedicated guide for that topic as well.

You’ll have to follow every objective until the point where you need to talk to the aliens to sell the planet. From there, you’ll make different decisions in order to get to the bad ending.

And that’s pretty much it for Need More Money and its ending. The description states that the developer plans on adding new endings to the game eventually, so keep an eye out for new updates!

Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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