Need More Money: New Bad Ending Guide

Uh-oh, that’s not going well…

Need More Money, you get to play the role of a child who desperately wants to buy the new GTA game. However, as a little kid, you do not have enough money to purchase it, nor are you old enough to play it. In this guide, we are going to check out what happens if you cannot achieve your goal of getting your desired game.

New Bad Ending

Before the new update was released, the game only had one good ending. As crazy as the good ending was, every game needs a bad ending to throw a little bit of fun in there. Luckily, you now have a chance to experience this new ending as well!

Follow every objective until the point where you need to talk to the aliens to sell the planet. However, you are going to change some things to get a bad ending.

Player selling the house to aliens in Need More Money.

Instead of talking to the aliens, go to the rope right next to it. Then pick it up from the ground. As soon as you pick it, your objective will change to “????”.

Picking up the rope to tie brother in Need More Money.

Go back to your brother, and you are going to tie him down. It looks like you are ready to go extreme for that new cool GTA game. And it is time for your brother to pay for making you do all those bad things!

Boy kidnapping his brother to get GTA in Need More Money.

Take your brother and go to the street. Turn left, and you are going to see the shop right there at the end of the street.

Heading to the shop in Need More Money.

When you are inside, go to the cashier. You are going to see an option to rob the shop, but this is not exactly what you are going to do. Still, press E to do that, and you will talk to him.

Nicely asking for cashier to give GTA 6 in Need More Money.

After that, you will say that you are going to do something to your brother if he does not hand you the Grand Theft Auto 6!

Cashier handing the GTA 5 in Need More Money.

The cashier will accept it and give you the game. But… this is not GTA 6! It looks like you are not going to achieve your dreams, so you decide to throw your brother at the cashier. By leaving them both on the ground, you will get a bad ending.

Player's brother and cashier lying on the ground in Need More Money.

Just like this, you will both lose your dreams of getting GTA 6 and your brother. It looks like you are going to need to wait until you grow up before you can get your hands on that game.

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