Need More Poop: Complete Guide & How to Get All Endings

Why not just take a lot of coffee or laxatives and call it a day?

Need More Poop is yet another addition to the long line of “Need More” and “Weird Strict” Roblox games. In this one, your goal is to convince your father that you have a problem with your bowels so that you can skip a job interview. Here is a quick guide on how to complete it and get the endings currently implemented in the game!

Complete Guide & How to Get All Endings

As of writing this, there are actually only two endings. One of them is the so-called Good Ending that requires a full normal playthrough.

The Bad Ending, on the other hand, is actually relatively simple and we’ll leave that for last as it doesn’t really require any effort to get.

The “Good“ Ending

Upon waking up and getting out of bed, leave your room and head to the bathroom, which is the next door immediately to your right. Use the toilet and interact with it again afterwards to flush it.

Need More Poop player standing beside the toilet in the bathroom

After that, go back outside and head to the room just opposite of your bedroom. This is your dad’s room, and you have to speak with him for this next objective.

He’ll use a strange device to check whether or not you actually have a problem related to pooping. Unfortunately, he doesn’t believe that the issue is serious enough to warrant staying at home.

Need More Poop cutscene involving dad and the player

Return to the bathroom and interact with the toilet once more. After that, use it again to do something really gross to increase your “poop meter”.

Breaking the Toilet

Unfortunately for you, dad will still not believe you. So, the next step is to head over to the garage, which is through the next door to the right past the bathroom door.

Pick up the hammer on the shelf and use it to break the toilet. Then, go back to dad and see whether or not he believes you now (he won’t).

Need More Poop player picking up the hammer and using it on the toilet

Messing up the Books and Bathtub

Next, head back to your bedroom and interact with the book on the nightstand. Do this again with the book on the desk just in front of the bed.

Afterwards, head to the living room just outside and interact with the book on the table and the one just under the TV.

Need More Poop player pooping on books in the living room

Finally, interact with the book next to the front door and the one just outside dad’s room. This won’t be enough for him, though, so head over to the bathroom afterwards. Take a dump on the bathtub.

Need More Poop player standing on top of the bathtub

Ruining the Pipes

For your next objective, you will have to get the crowbar from the garage where you took the hammer earlier. Use it to break the water installation door right beside the shelf.

This will allow you to poop in the pipes. Head back to dad afterwards to get checked once more (it still won’t be enough).

Need More Poop breaking open the water installation door to reveal pipes

Making a Mess Around the House

After that last task, head on over to the bathroom once more and interact with the shower just beside the now-soiled bathtub. After that, turn around and interact with the sink.

Once you’re done with the bathroom, go out and head to the kitchen. Turn on the tap at the kitchen counter and then return to dad once more.

Need More Poop location of the kitchen sink

The Phone and Pool

Walk up to the phone just to the right of the TV. Dial the number “445-123” to call over some friends who will make a mess around the entire house.

This won’t be enough for your father, unfortunately, so your next step is to go outside. Head to the back of the house and interact with the swimming pool. A cow will come over and fill it up for you.

After that, head back inside and talk to dad once more. You can use the window in your bedroom as a shortcut back in. After checking you again, your father will still conclude that it isn’t enough.

Need More Poop standing in front of the pool with the interact prompt up

Closing the Windows and Turning on the Lights

Your next solution is to make all of the excrement melt by making it hot inside the house. To do this, you have to close all the windows. There are 4 in the living room, 1 in your bedroom, and 1 in your dad’s room.

After shutting all the windows in the house, turn on the light switch in each of the rooms, including the garage. This will raise the “poop meter” by a lot. This still won’t be enough for your dad, though.

Need More Poop player standing in front of one of the living room windows

Messing up the Whole House

In a desperate attempt to convince your father, your character will decide to poop all over the house. Interact with the following objects to proceed to the next step:

  • Couch in the living room
  • Carpet in the living room
  • The two cabinets behind dad
  • The cabinet in your bedroom
  • The four plates on the dining table
Need More Poop player sitting on the dining table full of plates

A Dirty Bouquet

Since your father will still not be convinced by all the mess you’ve made, the next step is to go out the house and pick up 10 flowers.

After grabbing at least 10 flowers off the ground, your character will drop the bundle and you can then poop on it. After making your dad throw up with this disgusting gift, he’ll tell you to get out.

Need More Poop player sitting on a bundle of flowers

The Fountain Outside

Your next bright idea is to make a mess all over the fountain in the park right in front of your house. Leave your home and interact with the fountain straight ahead.

Despite everything you’ve done up to this point, your father will still tell you that you need to get to work.

Need More Poop player standing in the fountain with interact prompt

The Final Straw

After the previous interaction with your father, you’ll eventually tell him that you already missed work. Because of this, he grounds you for missing that opportunity.

As a final act of vengeance, you must walk outside and interact with the giant bundle of rope on the ground just beside your front door.

Doing this will unlock the Good Ending as your character somehow pulls in an entire planetoid of poop into the Earth, forcing you to stay at home.

Need More Poop good ending cutscene after pulling the planet

Bad Ending

The Bad Ending is actually very simple. After going to the bathroom for the first time, instead of talking to your father, you should head to the garage.

Interact with the car multiple times until it forces you to wait. You will have to do this several times until you eventually get a cutscene wherein your dad walks in and drives you off to your job interview.

Need More Poop player standing beside the car in the garage

And those are the two different ways you can complete Need More Poop. If you are looking for a similar game to try out after this, check out our guide for how to complete Need More IQ.


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