Need More Sleep: All 15 Ending Complete Walkthrough

Including the new Expelled and Shopping Endings.

Need More Sleep in Roblox

Need More Sleep has more than just the good end, making it fun for players to collect all ending in the game. The story starts with a kid who just wants more sleep. But as things progress, one can tell soon enough that there’s more than one way the story can go.

Incidentally, each of these endings are also linked to a badge in the game. So this is also perfect if you want to be a perfectionist badge collector!

We’re going to show you how to get all of the ending in Need More Sleep, including the new Shopping and Expelled Endings that’s been added to the game.

All 15 Ending Complete Walkthrough

Currently, there are 14 Endings in the game, including the new update. Each of them depends on the choices you make in the game and secret areas to explore. Use the quick access below to see the ending walkthrough of your choice.

Sleep Ending (Good)

Walk into the house and find mom in the bedroom down the hallway, on your right. She’s going to ask you to finish some chores. Go back to her every time you’re done a chore to continue:

  • Mop the floor at 3 spots. They’re shown as blue areas around the house which will disappear if you walk on them with the Mop equipped.
  • Fix the bookshelves. Go to the living room and just approach the mess in front of the bookshelves. There are 3 bookshelves.
Bookshelves location
  • Clean up your toys. There are 6 toys that needs to be cleaned up. They lit up green on your screen around the living room and hallway, so you can’t miss them.
  • Do your homework. Head into the room with the no-entry sign. Just hold interact button on your homework until it’s done.
  • Water the plants. Head outside the house from the front door and go to left. You’ll see the big bright green box that indicates where you should interact to water the plants.
  • Feed your hamster. To feed your hamster, go find the big glass cage with Bob the hamster inside.
Feed the Hamster
  • Plunge the toilet. Head into the toilet which is the room that’s in all-white.
Plunge the toilet
  • Shut the Radiators. There are 4 radiators, just follow the brown indicator to find the next one you need to shut down. The first one is in front of the toilet, then in front of your room, under the windown in the living room, then next to the 3 bookshelves.
Shut down the radiators

Go back to mom and she’ll have decided that you can sleep now. You’ve finished the Sleep Ending.

Insomnia Ending (Bad)

Insomnia ending is pretty easy. Once you’re off the bus, just go interact with this pole multiple times until you get it. One of them requires you to hold interact button for 60 seconds.

Dino Ending

The Dino ending requires you to interact with this Dino figurine near the front door. Then, find mom and talk to her.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Dino disappears if you talk to mom without interacting with the dino first.

Need More Sleep Dino Ending

GOD MOM Ending

For GOD MOM, you have to grab the knife from the shelf between the plant pots before mom’s bedroom. It’ll remove the BGM and you can see your face’s expression change. Equip it and talk to mom.

Need More Sleep God Mom Ending

Burned Ending

Go down the hallway and go into your room on the left. Interact with the lighter on the table next to your homework. This is going to summon the Fire NPC on the porch. Talk to him and you’ll get your ending and badge!

You can also do the Burned Ending at any point in the game. As long as you interact with the lighter and then talk to the guy regardless of what the current objective is.

Backroom Ending

Go into the toilet to find the key on bathtub. Bring the key to mom and she’s going to ask you to check the Amogus poster. Check the poster inside your bedroom and teleport into the backroom to get the ending.

Need More Sleep Backrooms Ending

Death Ending

Enter the house and go talk to mom. Start the chore like you would with the good ending. Finish the first chore which is mopping the floor and then the option for the Death Ending will spawn.

Interact with this object above the radiator near your room that reads “say no”. Then, head back to mom and you’ll get your Death Ending.

Need More Sleep Death Ending

Dad Ending

Instead of the house, leave through the tunnel which is to the right of the house beyond the plants. Go inside the supermarket to find Dad and talk to him. You’ll get the Dad Ending, simple and easy!

Need More Sleep Dad Ending

Broken Ending

Go inside the house and grab the hammer that’s next to the TV in the living room. Interact with the TV to break it. Now, tell mom about what you did and watch the Broken Ending unfold.

Need More Sleep Broken Ending

Weird Ending

For the Weird Ending, head into your room and go to the corner behind the plant next to the poster. Talk to the Brick (labeled da cool brick).

Need More Sleep Weird Ending

He’s going to ask you to talk to the cool Tree next. So, head out of the house and find da cool tree next to the pole where you get the Insomina Ending from. Talk to the Tree.

Need More Sleep Weird Ending

Tree will tell you he’ll give you a badge by interacting with him once again. So, hold that E button for the Weird Ending.

Bombed Ending

Find the button sneaked between the houseplant and the hamster cage here. Interact with it by holding it for around one minute. You’ll explode the whole place and get the Bombed Ending.

Need More Sleep Bombed button Ending

Mom Arrested Ending

Find the phone on the shelf in the living room. Call the police to report your mom for not letting you sleep.

Need More Sleep phone mom arrested ending

Once they show up, your mom will be arrested on the porch. Talk to her to get the Mom Arrested Ending.

Diarrhea Ending

Go into your room to find the Muffin laying around. Eat the muffin and go to the toilet to do your business.

Expelled Ending

The Expelled Ending is similar to the Good Ending. You talk to mom and do your chores until the part where you have to do your homework.

Do not do it yet. Instead, go to the living room and interact with the sofa to change channel.

Need More Sleep Expelled Ending

This will spawn the Tutor NPC on your front door. Talk to the Tutor to get the wrong homework answer. Now, go to your room and do your homework. It’ll be quickly done. The Teacher NPC will come next. Talk to the Teacher and get the Expelled Ending!

Shopping Ending

Start as usual by talking to your mom to begin the chores. Once you’re done mopping the floor, go to your living room near the bookshelves. There’s a shopping list on the floor between the sofas.

Talk to mom about the shopping list and she’ll make you grab the items on the list. Leave the house and go left, straight through the tunnel. We’re going to the same place where we get the Dad Ending.

Need More Sleep Shopping Ending

Grab 1 item from each aisle and then talk to the cashier. Once you do, go back home from the same way you came. Talk to mom and you get your Shopping Ending!

And that’s it for our all Ending walkthrough including the latest ones for Need More Sleep Roblox game! Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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