Need More Strength: Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

Don’t ever think about messing with this kid!

Children can be very rude sometimes and bully their classmates for no reason. In Need More Strength, you take the role of a boy who is really sick of being bullied at school. To get rid of this, you need to gain more strength and show everyone that you are a tough cookie! Can you be strong enough to deal with your bullies? Let’s see what you are going to need to do to get all the endings in the game.

Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

At the start of the game, you return from school, having been bullied again and becoming fed up with the bullies. You decide to get help from your big brother, who apparently has big muscles.

You try to beat him in arm wrestling, but obviously, you are not strong enough.

Talking to brother in Need More Strength.

Lift Dumbbells

There are three dumbbells you can lift for this objective. Each one will give you +10 strength points.

  • Brother’s Room (1): One small dumbbell behind your brother.
  • Corridor (1): Leave your brother’s room and turn right to see one dumbbell there.
  • Living Room (1): There is one dumbbell lying next to the stove in the living room.

Once you lift each of them, go back to your brother and ask him to arm wrestle one more time.

Lifting dumbbells in Need More Strength.

Now, you are going to have 40 strength. However, it is not enough, and you are still weak. You should go back and keep lifting dumbbells. These ones will give you +20 points each.

  • Bathroom (1): Go to the bathroom and get the dumbbell next to the toilet. The bathroom is located to the left of your brother’s room.
  • Living Room (2): The next two dumbbells are located in the living room. You can find one in front of the window on the left and one on the couch.
Lifting dumbbell in living room in Need More Strength.

Lift Chairs

You now have 100 strengths in total. But it is not that easy to be strong enough to beat the kids at school! Since you have already lifted all the dumbbells, go and start lifting chairs. The chairs will give you +40 points each.

  • Brother’s Room (1): There is one chair in front of his desk.
  • Your Room (1): Your room is located opposite your brother’s room. Go there and take the chair in front of your study desk.
  • Living Room (4): There are four chairs around the table in the living room. Lift each one of them.
Lifting chairs in Need More Strength.

Lift Rocks

Even lifting very heavy chairs is not enough for you to be the strongest kid in the school. Now it is time to try your chances with rocks. Use the garage door to leave the house and find rocks. The rocks will give you +200 points each.

  • Garage (2): There are two rocks located in front of the garage.
  • Garden (2): One rock is located near the front door, and the other is in the backyard.
Lifting rocks in Need More Strength.

Lift the Couch

You are starting to do better against your brother. But it is still not enough. It takes time to have muscles like your brother, but you are determined to achieve it in one day. Now, go and lift the couch!

You are going to pick up the couch like it is no big deal and lift it over your head. Doing this will give you +800 strength points.

Lifting the couch in Need More Strength.

Lift the Stove

We get that you are still not strong enough to beat your brother, but isn’t that enough for kids at school? It does not matter; you still need to beat your brother in arm wrestling to prove yourself!

Go to the kitchen and lift the stove to get +1500 strength points.

Lifting the stove in Need More Strength.

Lift the Bed

You have 3240 points now, but it is still not enough. Go to your room and start lifting your bed. Doing this will give you 2000 strength points.

After talking with your brother, go to the kitchen and lift the fridge next.

Lifting the bed in Need More Strength.

Go to the Gym

You already lifted everything in the house, so you decide to go to the gym right next to your house. Use the front door to go outside, and you will see the gym on the right.

Going to the gym in Need More Strength.

Lift Trees & Street Lamps

Since the gym did not work as well, go outside and pick up the trees and lift them. However, even lifting trees will not make you as strong as your brother. Once you talk with him, lift the street lamps too.

Lift trees in Need More Strength.

Lift the Car

Next, go to the garage and lift your parent’s car. After that, go back to your brother and arm wrestle him once more.

Lifting the car in Need More Strength.

Getting All Endings in Need More Strength

There are two endings you can get in Need More Strength for the time being. These are the good ending and bad ending. Let’s see how you are going to achieve them.

Good Ending

After lifting the car, your brother will say that he lifted the world once. This will give you an idea. In order to lift the world, go outside and call for God’s help.

Asking god for help in Need More Strength.

After asking God to give you more strength, you are going to go and talk with your brother. However, he will mock you again.

Go outside and lift the house. After that, stand in front of the front door to see the option to lift the world. Once you do that, you will gain enough strength and get a good ending.

Good ending in Need More Strength.

Bad Ending

Maybe you noticed that the weird guy in the gym told you that he could help you out earlier. Instead of calling God, go back to the gym to have a talk with him.

The weird guy will hand you a drink, and once you take it, you are going to blow up. This way, you will get a bad ending. Well, at least those guys at school can’t bully you anymore…

Bad ending in Need More Strength.

This is how you are going to get all the endings in Need More Strength. Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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